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Last er visit

Nov 20, 2015 1:21 AM

I was out running errands when the migraine started settling in; stronger and stronger as the day went on. I had drank three bottles of water so far that day so I knew it wasn't due to dehydration, but regardless of the cause, the result was the same. It became almost debilitating, but somehow I made it home safe and sound. The pain sent shivers throughout my body, like an egg under pressure trying not to crack. Needless to say I was taken to the er where I was given Amatrax for the first time and the next day was the first day in months that I was head ache free! And now I am prescribed it in pill form!!

Nov 20, 2015 1:55 AM

I've run out of luck with migraine Meds be it preventive or anything out there. I got approved for a round of BOTOX. BEING 63 and I had my first migraine in 6 grade I wasn't hopeful. Surprise! It worked on daily H As but not the ones with my triggers. Thunderstorms or just rain, chgs in barometric pressure or altitude. I have one BOTOX of 12 shots left. Is anyone having LONG TERM luck? What about Lyrica? I read the tiny little paper inside ,of how many people tested and I don't understand how you the FDA put us as Guinea pigs after using only 200-300 people?

Nov 20, 2015 6:57 AM

I get chronic migraines and do does my daughter, we are both on toprimate and Amyatripaline for prevention and they have my daughter on midrin for when the prevention meds don't work and the doctor had talked about doing botox injections with me because the prevention meds don't work that much anymore but I turned the botox injections down because I already have a ton of back issues I don't want to risk something going wrong and I end up with neck problems too, I know I'm a big chicken but I have way to many people depending on me at home to take care of them. I pray you can find something that works for you! 🙏💕

Nov 20, 2015 2:24 PM

I started having migraines when I was 10. Back then, there wasn't anything they could do. When imitrex came out, I got the injections. If I got a migraine, it would stop it in it's tracks in less than 15 min. Medicaid won't pay for the injections, but will pay for the pill form. It takes longer, but it's better than nothing. I've never had botox. I'm hoping I don't get to that point. I hope they imitrex helps keep you headache free.

Nov 20, 2015 7:58 PM

I also have migraine since childhood; I just never knew that's what they were... They've gotten worse and more frequent as I've gotten older. Between my neurologist, PCP and ENT, they've determined that I primarily have vestibular migraines. I also had a concussion about 5 years ago, so that's believed to have compounded the problem.
I take topomax and clonopin. The clonopin helps with the vestibular/barometric which seem to go hand in hand. I had real problems with feeling like a zombie, so after discussing with my pharmacist and both PCP and neuro, I now take the entire day's dosage of both at night before going to bed. (Also helps me sleep through some of my night pains) I wake up slow and tired regardless; but I'm a little better at work this way!
My neuro has given me a prescription for imitrex for when I first feel a headache coming on; but I'm a little anxious about side effects and want to make sure I'm at home the first time I take it...
God bless you all for sharing - I really felt isolated til being invited
Into this community!

Nov 20, 2015 11:22 PM

Doyou I've been on Imetrex since it first came out, first in injectable then pill form. It has saved my bacon more than once! Before Imetrex I was getting 3+ migraines a week that required narcotic injections that knocked me out for hours. I will say the Imetrex makes me feel funny when it starts to kick in but over the years I have gotten so used to it I barely notice it anymore. The few times it hasn't worked and I have landed in ER, they have given me this amazing combo of Zofran, Benedryl, and Toradol. It stops the migraine in its tracks without any Narcotics. Has anyone else gotten this cocktail and has it worked for them?

Nov 21, 2015 5:51 AM

I've been given magnesium with tordal at my last ER visit and Ativan. I was added the magnesium because I still felt a slight head pain and they said I could go and I said it will come right back if I leave with any pain so magnesium was added my head did feel better but just very heavy. So not sure if it helped or not. Typically they give me dilaudid but my kids were with me and they didn't want me driving under that influence. I wasn't driving we had a ride but they seem to not care and just prescribe what they want when I go to the ER. I have medi cal and they won't prescribe me daily or meds at all besides ibuprofen which doesn't help me much. I used to have relpax

Nov 21, 2015 6:40 AM

I don't have much faith in ER Drs when it comes to anything other than trauma; and even then I've had some bad experiences. I feel like they just give you whatever they happen to have the most of on hand to get rid of you

Nov 21, 2015 12:01 PM

Have you ever been kicked out of and ER, just because you had chronic pain? I have. I had to crawl from their front door to the bus stop, because they didn't even want me on their property. I was having an MS relapse and couldn't walk and was taken in by ambulance. Could I find a lawyer in Texas to sue them? Not a chance. They said I was drug seeking. My ass! If I could function without this crap in my body, I'd do it in a split second! Getting off my soap box now :-)

Nov 21, 2015 3:57 PM

What is Ama trax I get migraines all the time and have tried everything including needles throughout my head the only thing that helps is dilated and sometimes that is only temporary and some of the er Dr and nurses just look at me like an addict looking for a high

Nov 21, 2015 11:47 PM

Imetrex is a non narcotic medication used to stop migraines. It comes in both an injectable and tablet form. It needs to be taken as soon after the onset of a migraine as possible.

Nov 21, 2015 11:50 PM

O ok yeah I have taken both forms of that I thought she was saying something different but thanks

Nov 21, 2015 11:58 PM

I'm pretty sure that's what she was talking about but could b wrong

Nov 22, 2015 6:10 PM

Yeah that's probably what she was talking about bc I tried looking the spelling of what she had and couldn't find anything lol but its all good

Nov 24, 2015 2:03 PM

I've had migraines since 1995, and I've used Midrin for them the whole time. I only learned last year that I'm also having cervicogenic headaches & tension headaches, both of which can trigger migraines. I feel blessed because I have only needed to go to the ER 3x in all these years. My sister developed them in her late 30's, after childbirth. She gets them so severely she gets botox injx monthly. But last month she had an 8 day migraine nothing touched. 🙏🌼

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