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Left side pain

Jun 28, 2016 11:33 PM

Been having this pain for 2 years now dr cannot figure out what's causing the pain

Jun 29, 2016 12:34 AM

Tai, hello there and welcome to the group. If you have been here before, I am sorry I missed you but I have been off for a short while. This is a wonderful family community and a great place to get information, support, ask questions, laugh, vent, etc. You will find that you are never alone and there is always someone to come to your aid when you need help. We are a close knit bunch of zany, loving and helpful people who all share the struggle of daily, chronic pain.
Have you been to see any doctors about your left sided pain? Do you recall sustaining any type of injury or accident before having this pain? Which part of your left side is effected?
My suggestion, if you haven't already, would be to schedule an appointment with your doctor to be checked out. You may need to see a number of doctors such as neurologists, rheumatologists, orthopedic, etc.. This will give you the opportunity to have the necessary tests to determine the source of your pain and the plan of treatment to get you back to feeling better.
You may need some physical therapy. When you get up in the morning do you hurt right from the start? Some gentle stretching, a warm/hot shower and light exercise of the area could be helpful. You could also try rubs such as Tiger Balm, Gold Bond with Lidocaine, etc. Maybe a warm soak in the tub with Epsom salts could benefit you.
I hope these suggestions have been at least a bit helpful to you. I am certain you will hear from others in the community who will also offer you suggestions and may have questions of their own to ask you. But, no matter what, you've found a wonderful group of people that are always willing to reach out a hand and offer whatever support they can. We lean on one another, pray for one another, celebrate small (and large) victories or progress in their healing or success of treatment and send cyber hugs and love when times are tough.
Either way, I wish you the very best, hope you settle in, and look forward to getting to know you and have you walk beside us through this journey called life with chronic pain. {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that you find answers to your pain and treatment to help you feel better. 💕🙏🏻🌻😊

Jun 29, 2016 10:52 AM

Welcome Tai! AlwayZ has covered pretty much all suggestions. But I looked at your pain diagram. Is your pain always in the same area? Does it spread to cover a larger area? Have you noticed any other symptoms that seem to also be present? Does anything seem to help it ease up or go away for awhile?

The reason I'm asking these specific questions is because I have IBS-C, and I have 3 particular abdominal areas that will hurt when I am constipated. One area is exactly where your colored chart shows. Do you have constipation issues? If so be sure to drink plenty of fluids (non caffeine), and if needed use something like Citrucel, Metamucil or Benefiber.

My other thought would be scar adhesions, if you've ever had surgery, or endometreosis. I hope you will seek a second opinion from another doctor since the one you've been seeing hasn't found any cause or resolution. Hugs & prayers you can get these soon! 🙂💕🙏🌼

Jun 30, 2016 11:01 PM

I have left hip pain. 3 & 1/2 years now. What i would give to sleep on my side again. Had every test possible but no one can give me an answer.

Jul 01, 2016 2:42 PM

Painisnotmystory, I get periods where I can't lay on my sides. It always comes up to bursitis in my shoulders and/or hips. Could this be part of your problem? I hope you can find out soon. Hugs & prayers! 🙂💕🙏🌼

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