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leg length descrepancy- back&neck

Dec 29, 2014 11:17 AM

I'm 36,when I was 12 had an accident broke right leg in 3 places including growth plate. I have a crooked spine, disk issues,bone spurs on cervical (neck). Nerve pain that goes through right arm to fingers, short leg pain where I'm missing ecl the part that stops ur leg from bending the wrong way.. I'm wondering if anyone here has this problem too, leg length descrepancy.

Dec 29, 2014 12:39 PM

Hi 1 shortleg. I too fell and broke my left leg, in 2 places (below knee & above ankle), in 5th grade. I'm now 53 and yes, my legs are not the same length. I was surprised to learn my broken leg is actually the longest. The doctor explained that the break caused a "rescue" of bone to grow and repair the breaks, hence the link nger leg. I use a heel insert in my right shoes that I don't have specifically measured orthotics in, or else I walk with a side-to-side swaying limp.

Dec 29, 2014 2:00 PM

Thanks for replying, I went under a chain link fence with go cart. My injured leg raised up and bent the opposite direction with the bottom of my foot forced against my face till i got through the fence,it seemed like forever. My "broken leg" is 1 inch shorter, I have a buildup on my shoes now, I work construction, so my job is rough on my back anyway.. I'm just wondering do u have continuing pain and problems due to ur descrepancy? Or any insight as to what I need to look out for in the future? I have all sorts of back and muscle pain all the time. Was told when I was a kid I would need hip replacement by the age of 30, but so far so good

Dec 29, 2014 2:53 PM

Yes, the difference in length causes back pain along with leg & joint pain, both sides. I didn't know for 2 years why I hurt from my feet to my shoulders. Thats when i saw an orthopedic who sent me to an orthotic specialist. Now the new orthotics didn't take care of the osteoarthritis or pelvic floor syndrome and dysfunction pain, or spine pain from multiple injuries, but they have made a great improvement in my feet and lower legs, and some improvement above the knees.

I have to replace my shoes more often than the average person, and my shoes must be better than average. I can't buy $10 shoes anymore or I will know it all the way from my toes to my neck. The least I ever spend is between $40-$100/pair. I cannot wear any amount of heels so my shoes are always flats. I also get my orthotics specifically measured to both of my feet. I'd recommend you have a very good orthopedic doctor & orthotic supplier. My siblings have $100 orthotics, but compared to my $300 pair, anyone can see the difference. I'm going into my 4th year on this one pair. They're made in California, but supplied through Foot Solutions locally.

The description of your accident sounds like you suffered a horrifically traumatic injury. I'm so sorry!

I recently tried some tennis shoes, after seeing them in an arthritis article, called Gravity Defyer. Unfortunately, due to my balance issues, I had to pass them to my sister. They felt like walking on clouds, but because the have a spring system in the heel to propel you forwards, they were throwing me off balance.

My brother had a traumatic injury at 15, crushing his leg bones, and spent a year in a cast with pins. He's 60 now, and his broken leg is also longer. And like me, he wears orthotics. We both feel pain in rainy or cold weather. The colder it is the worse we feel. I'm glad I'm south of most snowfall!🙌

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