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Leg Pain & Swelling

Nov 29, 2016 5:59 PM

Hi to all😳. Had my hospital visit for ultrasound on r. leg. The leg with the unrelenting nerve pain is actually the other one, but my r. one has been hurting me down the calf into upper heel . Aches and feels like under great pressure. It ha been swelling up. Good news is no blood clots! I guess it is going to be another pain I live with.
Had appt. with health benefit business trying to figure out what will be the best fit for all my issues & drugs. Huge migraine started up as I was trying to concentrate on what the nice woman was saying. Took my cane & lost my way in this huge building. Thought I would not make my appt. I held up several walls getting there. Don't like going into the city, I feel very vulnerable there alone.
Any ideas of what is happening with my r. Leg? I am whacked tonite. So fatigued and eyeballs and head hurt. Hope you have a mild pain day

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