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Mar 30, 2016 3:56 PM

Tam Tam, is it at all possible for you or other from across the pond to send any magazine you may have on fibro. I have been in touch with a few support groups by phone and letter and I have either had post returned or refused just a few notes or magazine just so I can see how you are doing things medically or as a self help thing in your country. Its good to compare with others share ideas or look out for break throughs . I know fibromyalgia is a difficult condition, but above all we could try to help each other. It would be great if everyone did something simi,ar with Arthritis ME. Or M s anyillness or condition who knows what we could learn.
so guys anyone out their feel free to share, I have M.E magazine and Fi romyalgia mag, I also have quite a bit on Arthritis. If anyone would like a mag do ask.

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