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loosing my shit seriously wtf wrong with me

Jun 25, 2017 7:12 AM

I am now loosing time and days!!! I did not know what day was and i thought we had gone to night been asleep i woke up to diff day?? I fell back asleep i am sooooooo tired ... But i woke up it seems to me i slept to a new day but i did not i was already there omfg im loosing my fucking mind whats wrong with me??? I am slightly scared .. I honestly have never felt this way before i never even had a slight peek its like a whole diffff world !!! My head feels empty, yet so much racing thru my head !!! I dont feel sick or nauseas no light headed just is its just there... Am i loosing my shit cuz i am coming off meds? This never hapoen before ... All i know is im frusterated i feel lost and empty... I dont even know what im really doing like im watching myself from inside myself .... Ugh so confused

Jun 25, 2017 10:18 AM

Stress can make me lose time. I never know how much time is lost and if I try to recall it, my mind is just black; there is nothing to recall.

Jun 25, 2017 11:00 AM

Withdrawal from meds can have the side effect of insomnia and insomnia can cause you to loose track of day and night. Insomnia throws off your entire body chemistry making you feel like you are losing it. Last year I went the whole summer with insomnia. Try a sleep aid for a week to try to get your regular sleep schedule back and see if that helps.

Jun 25, 2017 12:57 PM

@alovelyneff yea i never had this happen before i think thats why its really big deal.. I already suffer from a memory loss condition Fibro married it now its waaaay worse we call it FIBROMIDSTIMERS!!! BEFORE FIBRO IT WAS JUST MIDSTIMERS !!! They DOCS keep saying keep stress n anxiety out ur life... Yea ok i dont know any body that can do that unless ur literally a baren spinster n middle woods lol... I do best i can.. Now im out of meds 4 to be exact it is so hard fighting just half way cuz thats all i got... Just keep swimming just keep swimming

Jun 25, 2017 1:03 PM

Lakee75 i have had insomnia since age 20 and its worsened now its wicked bad insomnia im lucky to get 3 maybe 4 hour hours solid with aid of meds... After that im luterally restung my eyes because once im up once some thing i.e. lights voices anything really wake me its done and over i have lights in my bathroom and on my faucet that are led so i dont have turn lught on .. My insomnias been outta CONTROL for yrssss!!! But i had myself on a good routine by 9 pm we take our last meds by 10 i should be asleep. I wake like clock work at 12:30 am to go pee lay back down most times i will then be up by 2 2:30 am at latest 4 thats a realllly good day.. Im up allllllll day n allllll afternoon insomnia doesnt allow naps if i get a nap fuck me lucky person usually its from over doing things fibro nap knocks me out... But yea right now everythings in limbo.. Next month be worse i be off my gabapentin by then .. I try every day i do... 😖

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