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Lumbar degenerative disc disease

Nov 14, 2015 2:24 PM

I have been in ongoing pain and misery in relation to the lumbar region of my back the MRI recently showed my L2 and three were basically gone and they called it retrolisthesis and I'm wondering since the neurosurgeon said the others are not far behind has anybody had anything positive done? My other issue is I went to this guy whom I really struggled to finally get into one and he puts me on gout medication I do not have the gout is there hope what a why do I will admit I'm going through a fair amount of other pain meds from my general physician because I can't stand hardly to go to work and continue life I am a busy individual and have several people who work for me so I don't have the option of just going home when I feel lousy I also suffer from fibromyalgia and I'm on lyrica two times a day where would you all go with this I'm looking for suggestions I'm not happy I do not have the gout I have also been through physical therapy and it fixed a couple of things but not the fact sleeping is hard my best part of day is first 1.5 hours I'm up downhill from there ideas????

Nov 14, 2015 5:47 PM

I have disgenrated disc in L4-5 and I got it fusion and still having a lot of pain after 8 months surgery

Nov 14, 2015 9:35 PM

I have DDD, arthritis, herniated discs and so forth entire spine.

I went to a surgeon and because 1 herniated disc is in thorasic they don't like to operate until the last possible moment because how invasive it is. When he said during the surgery they remove all organs and I realized mine is basically behind my heart and lungs I was like yeah wait. There were other bad things but that spoke to me in a yell.

What is helping is PT. Everything we tried hurt and finally I asked for a different approach work on posture. I know the spine has to stay strong and a large part is posture. It seems to be helping more than anything else has with minimal pain.

I do a stand on the wall abdominal muscles and pelvic tilt. Then walking I constantly focus on correct posture. Stopping the exercise before it causes pain, tough one for me. I am happy to say movement is getting easier. I still hurt don't get me wrong but it is now more consistent and doesn't spike as much.

Nov 15, 2015 6:13 PM

Maturemom, I've been dealing with spine issues since 1985. I have DJD, DDD, OA, facet stenosis, and bulges, years and previous neck disc fusions. Ortho & Neurosurgeons no longer jump right in to surgery, at least not in GA. I currently have C2-3, C7-T1, T11-12, L1-2, & L4-S2 deteriorating, collapsing, &/or bulging/tearing. The docs have all aid "until it's affecting the nerves with permanent damage, we aren't g going in. As for the neck the risks are greater than the benefits.". So my best two things is (1) PT to strengthen my whole body, including proper posture, and reducing my risk for a fall, & (2) a pain specialist who does epidural steroid injection nerve blocks. He also prescribed Voltaren gel which works well for my OA. I have an appt this week with my pain doc. I can't take hardly any pain meds so I've developed a high tolerance. I'm considering seeing my chiropractor again. I try to walk 10-20 minutes 4 days a week.

Did you ask your doc why he gave you gout med? Are you having swelling in your legs & feet? If it were me, is ask him why. If you don't have a pain specialist is suggest one. And exercising & stretching is helpful. Just don't overdo either one. I wish you the best, to find what works best for you 🙏🌼

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