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Lyrica for free for your Fibro or other diagnosis

Nov 28, 2015 6:12 AM

I posted this already but I don't think I mentioned that it would be free. You can even have an insurance that covers your prescriptions and have a high copay, and they still offer the Fred medicine program. They just doubled their income guidelines. It use to be you had to make near nothing to qualify. Hear is the income guidelines

1 person. $47000
2 people. $63000
3 people. $80000
4 people. $97000
I would be happy to send the link or post it if anyone is interested. I won't post this again guys. I just felt that I didn't mention it was free.

Nov 28, 2015 6:19 AM

Thank. I already get my lyrica free through my insurance. It was a true surprise and blessing

Nov 28, 2015 7:03 AM

I'm not familiar with the Fred medicine program - what is that? I know that I see the adds from Pfizer always offering to help you get prescriptions if you can't afford them... So far I've been mostly lucky with my insurance; but if I can't continue to work I don't know what will happen. I keep going to bed earlier and earlier and still can't get to work on time in the morning. I'm just getting nervous and want to be prepared... 😰

Nov 28, 2015 7:05 AM

Thanks for posting this a second time, btw. Very thoughtful! πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ

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