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Lyrica Update

Aug 08, 2014 9:03 AM

I have been on Lyrica along with a host of other pain medications for years now. Lately, because the pain has been getting worse and out of control, my doctor increase the dosage of the Lyrica up to the maximum amount recommeded by the pharmaceutical company which is 450mg daily.

The first month or so after taking the maximum amount, I felt like a walking zombie. It felt like my mind was detached from my body but this feeling also detached my mind from the pain too. It was like I knew the extreme pain was there but my mind wasn't registering it.

The side effects from the Lyrica included ringing in the ears, headaches, dizziness, floaty feeling, constantly feeling lethargic, slightly blurred vision, intermittent shaky eyes, etc. This is a lot of things to deal with but the pain I was having was also a lot to deal with and the Lyrica gave me some relief and also allowed me to sleep ................. and sleep heavily.

Sleeping heavily turned out to be a problem too, the Lyrica knocked me out at night and I wouldn't move the entire night. I would awake with agonizing pain in the hips and low back. The pain in this area is what I have had to live with for a years now but the pain was so much more exaggerated due to me laying in one position for 6 hours or so. It was damned if I do and damned if I don't. If I sleep, then the sleep causes me more pain.

Its been over 2 months now since I have been on the increased Lyrica dosage and the side effects are still there, not as bad as when I first started on this dosage. But disappointingly, the Lyrica is not working anywhere near as well as it did at relieving me from the pain. Its like my body has gotten use to the dosage and its now become almost ineffective.

The doctor told me if this increase dosage didn't work then she was going to prescribe Gabapentin in addition to the Lyrica. I have been on Gabapentin before and it worked, but same as the Lyrica, it worked temporarily and I was gradually taking increased dosages to the point of taking the maximum amount and it too become almost ineffective.

I am very concerned about taking all these drugs and at the maximum amount, I wonder how long my liver will be able survive and I also wonder how long I will be able to withstand the pain before life becomes too difficult to continue. I'm 55 now and I constantly wonder how I will be at 70.

Aug 08, 2014 3:27 PM

This is the dilemma of so many who have to deal with mega pain. Are you in a state that allows medical marijuana ? I know a nurse who was on heavy doses like you. When he started taking the medicinal marijuana oil, he was able to lower the heavy duty pain meds quie a bit. His mind became clear enough that he was able to start freelance writing. Before this his concentration was shot because of the pain meds.

Aug 08, 2014 9:02 PM

I live in Ontario Canada and we are permitted the use of medicinal marijuana. I have not tried it through the medical channels but I have tried it from street sources and I did not find it overly helpful. I will however say that alcohol works well when combined with the heavy medications. However we all know the dangers of that and that it only provides temporary relief. The alcohol often numbed me so much that I would over do things and end up paying later in spades with increased pain resulting from my activities while impaired from drugs and alcohol.

Aug 10, 2014 6:52 PM

I believe the oil form of marijuana has a different effect... the is also the many grades of the street variety. I have heard that if you can pay the big bucks for the high grade, the effect it much more intense. When it comes to alcohol, I am what is sometimes called, a cheap date! :-) One glass of wine and I am floating!

Aug 11, 2014 1:12 PM

Sorry for the typos! Auto correct is fine, most of the time. I forget to proofread before posting!

Sep 29, 2014 9:06 AM

hi , i have been on 600mg of Lyrica for the past 21 months after my 4th attack of Shingles left me with severe post herpetic neuralgia, which caused a lot of memtal confusion and a massive 24 kg weight gain. it was certainly helping but after being hit by a speeding 4Wd while on a pedestrian crossing doing a work errand the severe whiplash i received when the vehicle hit my left affected hip and i was knocked off my feet landing directly on my sacrum and coccyx , with my legs outstretched ; it took a long time to get it back under control to some point. i have since undergone a RFN for the severe debilitating lower sacrum and back pain that has made mobility painful but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. i have only just been switched over to Gabapentin which i am finding is helping with the PHN and the spreading CRPS that has been going on in my lower left leg since the accident. but have not yet reached a dosage to quite control the pain.and am on Targin for the continuing lower back and sacral/ buttock pain from the accident. unfortunately i am now experiencing my 5 th attack of shingles but luckily had the anti virals on hand at the first signs of the familiar excruciating pain which has so far prevented the rash from erupting, and the pain is beginning to abate thank goodness. i am hoping to stick with the Gabapentin if the severe diarrhea side effect starts to lessen as i do feel it is helping with the PHN and CRPS a little more atm. Perhaps my body had become used to the Lyrica after alll this time. I shall be undergoing Sacro iliac cortisone injections in a few weeks in the hope that positive results will save me from going down the path of an implantable neurostimulator to control my ongoing chronic pain.

Nov 19, 2014 9:57 AM

As a note, Lyrica (a.k.a. Pregabalin), is essentially a pre-metabolized version of Gabapentin. Not to take away from your doctor... Also be aware that there is also a 600mg version of preparation.

Additionally, if medicinal marijuana is available, you should look for a strain of it that has a high CBD component, which is the analgesic component.

Hope this helps

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