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Major Pain with no relief

Jan 23, 2016 12:38 PM

Hi !all of our family, I had posted about a week ago , about me having some kind of mental break in November where in my mind I had enough pain meds. , to last until I went to see my Dr in January. Guess what it wasn't enough to make it . I called my Dr's office and they said even though I tore up the prescription he wouldn't see me before my appt. , so I am having to wait until the 27th before he will hopefully refill them. The joke was on me , I am going to have my daughter go with me and Handel the prescriptions from on now . I have been doing some crazy stuff when I am paying bills, like paying the house note twice instead of the truck note. I guess all of the stress that I have been living under for the last 9 months has finally broke me. I'm afraid to Handel our bill paying anymore, I told my husband he had to take it over because I don't trust myself to pay the right bill anymore. I intend to ask my PCP to send me to a Therapist.

Jan 23, 2016 12:46 PM

Hang in there, Weezie. We all hit the wall from time to time. The good thing is that you recognize it and you're going to do something about it. I wish I lived nearby, I'd be happy to help you out. Know that my hand is always here for you to hold and any time you need to chat, I'm just a keystroke away. I don't know if you have my email and/or cell for texting. Let me know, I'll give it to you. Sending you gentle {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that you get this all sorted out and that you're not suffering badly waiting the 4 days for your appointment. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸ˜Š

Jan 23, 2016 12:56 PM

Thanks Alwayz I appreciate all you said. No I don't have your e-mail or cell. My e-mail is jacksonel58.lj@gmail.com, my cell is out of minutes right now.But my home # (937)632-9193.

Jan 23, 2016 1:10 PM

Weezie, her is my info
Cell: 1-516-946-5596
Anytime you need me. I don't care if it's 3am and I just fell asleep either. I'm here to help. πŸ’•πŸ˜Š

Jan 23, 2016 7:49 PM

Weezie, don't feel alone. I did the same thing last year. I forgot to pay multiple bills and paid others 2-3x, messaging up everything. My hubby and I went and had everything set up auto pay b by draft. He helped with writing everything down and balancing the statement. It's likely the stress combined with your health and meds. Sending you gentle hugs & prayers! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

Jan 24, 2016 4:14 PM

Thanks Alwayz and Flappsy I so appreciate y'all for all your support. Love y'all hope y'all are having a good day today with less pain.

Jan 24, 2016 5:02 PM

I had to go to the ER about 1:50 am this morning. I had a horrible headache it started behind my rt eye and went all the way back of my head. The ER Dr had a Cat Scan done to rule out bleeding and stroke, my PCP had told me that I could get brain bleeds and have a stroke if my seat on level gets too high due to the fact I'm taking my Savella and the med for my nerves both have Seratonin in in them. Thank God there was no bleeding or stroke. He gave me morphine and Zofran by IV and by the time I got to leave at 5 am my head pain was down from a 10 to around a 4 - 5. I got home at 5:30 went to bed and slept until 10 am.best sleep I've had in a week and half. I hope this Tylenol 4 helps with the pain so I can rest until Wed., when I see my PCP to get my pain meds., if he will give them to me. I plan on asking him to send me somewhere for mental health help. I think I need to just get away from everything and get my head back on straight. It scares me because my Mother had Dementia and there is nothing they can treat it with you just slowly go away. I need to be mentally sound so I can raise Bella at least until she can take care of herself. Her mother is a peice of work she never wants to do anything for her she shoves her off on anyone who will take her. She won't even hold her to give her a bottle or rock her. I just kills me I never thought she would be like this because she always wanted a baby so bad until she got one and realized it's a lot hard work raising a baby, and now she's pregnant again !!! I told her that her fiancΓ© had to get a job if it's flipping burgers somewhere, he has his application in at a Pilgrims Pride Feed Mill he is supposed to find out Monday if he gets hired. I told them they had 6 months to save as much money as they can and get their own place,because we don'thave room for another baby here and can't support another baby we do good to support Bella with my sisters help. Sorry for the long rant. I hope everyone has a Blessed day and as least at of pain as possible. Love y'all sending prayers and hugs to all.

Jan 24, 2016 8:21 PM

No worries about ranting. Look, you've been dealt a bad hand and you're trying to sort through. You WILL get it sorted out!! Your pain family is here for you and will help you all the way. Chin up, Buttercup...you got this!! {{{Hugs}}} πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸ˜Š

Jan 24, 2016 8:49 PM

Well said alwayz ..
Im sorry ur dealing g with so much. I'm hoping it a works out for you good.

Jan 25, 2016 1:13 PM

Thanks Alwayz and Fibro girl. I need to pull my big girl panties on and deal with this. I told them this morning on the way to divorce court that when he gets a job they have 6 months to get a trailer house or a building like we have and get moved in and situated before the new baby gets here. I told them Bella could stay here with us so she can rest and take care of the new baby. Because she can't even Handel the one she has ,she is always pushing her off on to anyone here that will take her.Joe said that wasn't going to happen both his kids was going to be in the same house. I told him I wasn't trying to take her away from them just help because she can't deal with one baby much less two. I said she will just sleep here and I will take her over to the othe house I said my daughter will be over here with the new baby anyway or we will be over there every day. They will still be together. I'm afraid I may have to get a lawyer, I have plenty of witnesses for my side.

Jan 25, 2016 1:47 PM

Weezie, I'm glad that you have witnesses and I have to say what a wonderful Grandma you are that you will take on caring for your Grandbaby so that when the next one comes, she can rest. It's also good that you put the time frame in place for them to get their act together.. Don't back down!! You've done so very much for them, all while you're in pain and missing out on sleep. Sending you great big {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that all goes smoothly.πŸ’•πŸŒ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š

Jan 25, 2016 4:59 PM

Thanks Alwayz keep me in your prayers because I really need every thing that God can send me. I know that didn't come out right.

Jan 26, 2016 9:29 AM

I hear you loud and clear, Weezie. No worries.. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸ˜Š

Jan 26, 2016 1:00 PM

Weezie, I'm so sorry. I am say that the stress you are under likely has a lot to do with the forgetfulness too. When I was under so much stress 12-16 months ago, my fibro fog was off the chain! I'm praying for you. Sending hugs & love! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

Jan 26, 2016 1:51 PM

Weezie, I was just listening in on your mental state right now and I am sure in six months that you will have things all together. But be careful with the lawyer word. You don't want to risk losing whatever relationship you have with Bella. What I have seen in the past is parents forcing their children to grow up and move out. That is a good thing. But then the parents become evil monsters who never did anything for them. That is what they think and tell everyone else. And then they try to withhold their grandchildren. Grandparents fortunately are starting to have more rights in different states. But be careful. It sounds like you adore that child. I hope I was not out of line. I don't want to hurt your feelings.

Jan 26, 2016 5:09 PM

Profiler you just described my life! Lol. We have our daughter a choice of being a responsible mother or move out on her own. She chose the latter and told everyone we threw her out (back then), but now she says "it was the best decision I ever made, to move out on my own." She did grow up, and matured beautifully. But she attempted to withhold our granddaughter twice. The first time nearly killed us both. The second time I turned it on her, meet her for lunch, told her to bring our granddaughter by to tell us goodbye, then we'd all go out separate ways. I told her she would never again use our granddaughter as a pawn to manipulate situations to go her way; that it would be healthier for all of us to say our goodbyes, because I wouldn't allow her to push & pull her daughter in & out of our lives everyone she thought she could get her way. Reverse psychology I guess, but she thought about it for 2 days then showed up with the granddaughter and asked if we'd like to have her for the day. Needless to say, she did a lot of growing up. Hugs & prayers Weezie, that you don't have to go through that! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

Jan 26, 2016 5:12 PM

PS: If you love someone, set it free... If they love you they'll return.

Jan 26, 2016 5:25 PM

Profiler you didn't hurt my feelings at all. Flappsy I understand what you went through was so hard on both of you. But like you said to set it free it would come back someday. We carried Miss Bella for her 9 month wellness check up. We found out that she has a lip tie as well as a tongue tie. We also found out that she may be Autistic we will find out for sure when she is 18 months old . We have to fill out a questionare , and she is going to be checked out for OT and pt. Everyone please pray for her and us.

Jan 26, 2016 6:29 PM

Weezie, my granddaughter was born with CMTC (Google it BC I can't pronounce it... Lol). It caused her leg to not grow the same rate as the other. She was in braces and went through OT and PT too. She doesn't run very fast, actually doesn't like running. But other than her vascular marks on her leg you wouldn't know anything was wrong. I'm praying for Bella, and for you & your hubby! Hugs & love! πŸ™‚πŸŒΌπŸ’•

Jan 26, 2016 9:37 PM

Thanks Flappsy I will Google it. When Bella was born she had rt side hip displaysia, she was in a body brace for about 8 weeks. She favors that leg when she walks and her foot turns sideways. I told my daughter we would take her to a shoe store that will measure her feet and put her in walking shoes. I am believeing that she is going to be fine. God has got this.

Jan 26, 2016 10:53 PM

I am so happy tonight I get to see my PCP. I pray he let's me have my pain meds. This two and a half weeks has really been tough. Pain level has stayed a 10 the whole time.

Jan 27, 2016 7:42 AM

Praying all goes well for you Weezie! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

Jan 27, 2016 8:58 PM

Thanks Flappsy and Amanda. Thank God I got my medications foe pain. Unfortunately I have to stop taking my Savella until I get my Depression under control. I haven't said anything but since I have been without my pain meds I have thought about jumping outb of our truck when going down the highway, and during the night when I couldn't sleep and stop hurting about just putting on my sweater and walking into the woods until I couldn't walk anymore the hopefully a varmint bobcat, Wolf ,panther would get me or Fallin the branch which is really deep, but I never did I was able with God's help. He put me on Zoloft with something else which the pharmacy didn't get to fill.

Jan 28, 2016 8:26 AM

Weezie, you should have reached out sooner! Is there any chance you're Savella could have worsened your depression, like Cymbalta did me? Twenty+ years ago I wanted to run my car off the road; my first depression episode. You hang onto to us dear friend! Hugs, love, & prayers! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

Jan 28, 2016 8:37 AM

Weezie, I wish that you would have voiced your feelings sooner. To have to carry those feelings around all by yourself is torture. I had those feelings when I was on Cymbalta and had to come off. It also caused other unwanted side effects but feeling suicidal was aweful!! You hold tight to us, Weezie. We've got you!! Hang in there, my friend. I'm glad that you got your pain meds back and you can get some relief. Sending you lots of love, {{{Hugs}}} and prayers. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸ˜Š

Jan 28, 2016 8:45 AM

Flappsy that's what the Dr said because my Neuro increased my dosage from 50 twice a day to 100 twice a day. This morning I'm feeling like myself again. I put on my Fentony patch on and have had 3 doses of my Hydrocodn/Acetaminophen, and 2 doses of Zoloft. I hate that I can't take my Savella for my Fibro because I believe it was really helping me. But my PCP told me that if I was getting to much Serotonin it could cause my blood pressure to sky rocket and cause brain bleeds or stroke. So I don't want that . I have enough problems without that happening to me . Hope your migraine are better. Prayers, Love, and sending hugs.

Jan 28, 2016 8:49 AM

Thanks Alwayz and Flappsy for all your support, I just tried to push it to the back of my mind, and I Thank God he didn't allow me to just dwell on it. Love y'all and sending prayers and hugs your way.

Jan 28, 2016 8:50 AM

Weezie, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling like yourself today! I am so relieved for you. I agree with you that you certainly don't need to have a stroke on top of all you've been through. Sending you great big {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that you continue to feel better and eventually they are able to give you the Savella back.πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Jan 28, 2016 11:48 AM

I'm glad you're feeling better too Weezie. The serotonin level is what went wacky on me with the Cymbalta. Hopefully they can find something to work, or maybe lower the dose back down. I'm glad Good didn't allow you to feel on the thoughts either. It's a scary place! You take it easy until it all gets adjusted right. And make sure to call your doc if any of those thoughts return. BIG hugs! And lots of prayers! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

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