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Managing pain at work

Oct 22, 2018 4:24 PM

I work 8 hour shifts 5 days a week and today my pain at the start was a 7 and it’s climbing up I spend my whole shift on my feet and right now it’s agony and I can’t take it
Any advice welcomed

Oct 23, 2018 8:33 AM

Terrancelee21, I'm disabled since 2010. But when I worked I was on my feet all day. I paid more for my work shoes so that I had very cushioned and supportive shoes that helped my legs and feet not hurt so bad. I also took breaks, even if it meant spending my time in a bathroom stall just to sit and get off my feet. Lol, having IBS & overactive bladder listed in my work files no one questioned so many trips to the bathroom! Research shoes and get some good ones. Take as many breaks to put your feet up or at least sit as much as you can.

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