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Massage therapy

Dec 05, 2016 9:50 AM

Hi all, has anyone tried massage therapy? I'm considering it but I'm worried it will make me worse. Is it best to wait for a flare to be over or better to do while in a flare (seems like one on top of the other these days). I'd love your input/experiences, thanks in advance!

Dec 05, 2016 10:59 AM

I do massage. It took almost a year of doing both physio and massage before my body decided to stop rejecting them. Now I hurt more if I don't go. But for that year i hurt more when i did go. But i looked at it as even though i was hurting more now, the long term benefits would be worth it. And they were. My muscles are not as locked up as they used to be.
And do try different people until you find someone you like. I didn't like the first 5 massage therapists i tried. And make sure you do speak up during the massage and let them know how you are feeling

Dec 05, 2016 6:56 PM

Thanks Gotobef, I appreciate your help. I may give it a try, I'm trying to explore all of the non-pharmaceutical methods that I can (at least conventional ones 😉). Be well

Dec 08, 2016 11:32 PM

Can't live or move without it!! I have a million massage tools, use all of them, and get the most benefit from deep tissue accupressure and especially myofascial release specialists! The massages I prefer now actually hurt when they dive in to release the trigger points, but afterward it's like Wowie Zowie!!!😄😄😎😎😉😉😙😙 I wouldn't start at that level though, because you have to learn how to relax and not clench up when they have to dig deep into knotted fascia. I also find a bath first loosens me up enough so that the massage can have an even greater impact. Massage = Me Time!!

Dec 09, 2016 2:18 AM

I found that every time I would get a massage I would just end up getting a flare up. But HOT STONE MASSAGE really helped and did not cause me any flare up! Just ask for the stones to be at a comfortable temp. ( they adjust the temp for you) and mention you need the person to be very gentle and it'll feel amazing!!!!! They don't touch or kneed you or press with their hands so you bypass the hurt and just get the relief! Good luck!

Dec 09, 2016 2:20 AM

Other alternatives are ultrasound from a physical therapist and also cbd oil which relaxes the nerves and has no marijuana

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