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Medical Marijuana Stigma

Dec 11, 2015 8:03 PM

So I'm trying my hardest to be off of narcotics forever, but I'm not quite there yet. I believe taking narcotics for 30 years has added enough toxins to my body. I'm only 44.

The good news is that this PureHealthyBack.com place has shown some flashes of pain-free (enough) days. However, 2 hours of weights & 2 hours of Yoga per week plus stretching everyday has made me super soar. I'm cramping up ... couldn't sit through my kids choir concert.

My narcotic intake has gone from 6 Percosets a day to less than 2 Vicodin per day. I take a pill called Simpson Oil with some THC in it, but enough CBD that I don't feel one bit high on them.

The bad news is that when I have flare ups like I'm having now, smoking a few puffs of a one toker pipe does wonders in giving me a 60 minute break from my pain.

The really bad news is that my wife is having zero compassion about it. My kid, 13 yr old girl, is frightened of "drugs" based on a month's worth of a health class in middle school bestowing the evils of all drugs, including marijuana.

In the last year, the smell of marijuana was undetectable all but 3 days. Yesterday was one of the days, but it was because my wife asked me to get rid of my breakthrough pain / Kief pill. I brought the jar up from the basement and out it in my car to take it to give it back to my caregiver.

My wife smelled it and started screaming at me in front of my daughter while I was in bed at 9 because I'm in the middle of a contentious Union-Mgt mediation.

Why can't they be a "little" understanding? It is an evil and taboo subject with them ... undiscussable.

I need them to have some compassion and at least be open to evolving their beliefs.

Right now - not happening.

Good Lord! I've said a lot - thank you for being here.

Dec 11, 2015 8:22 PM

I'm so sorry your only healthy relief isn't okay with them right now. When I started smoking to help my pain I did not tell my parents/caregivers either until almost a year after I realized it was the only thing that was going to help me since narcotics and nerve medications have no effect on me. I had to talk them through it telling them I saw that online it was the only thing helping other people like me and that I wanted to try it, they were not for it also at the beginning. I told them after I experimented with it was he only thing that have me any relief from the evil pain the crps had brought on my body. They let me continue using it, though it is not excepted in the state I live is as a treatment. They listened to me cry and scream in pain when I did not have it so that's the only reason they allowed it. They knew I was suicidial without it because of the pain and that since zero of the painful treatments they witnessed me go trough helped me try had to let me use it. I knew they did not like it still though which was very hard on my conscious. The stigma and laws are so hard to deal with even when I'm a 21 year old veteran where the statistic is that 22 veterans kill themselves every single day. They did not want me do be in this stat so they grinned and bare it. But now after three years of using my tolerance is too high and it no longer works as of a month ago. So I quit. All the pain and suicidal ideation is back now so I am talking to my doctor about ketamine infusions to help the pain. Maybe you can see if that's a choice for you I you can't sway their opinion somehow. Living with crps or any severe chronic pain is not easy and you need to have some sort of help that's not going to end up ruining your body (narcotics) in the long run. I hope you find a way! Best of luck friend! I wish you positive vibes and better pain days.

Dec 12, 2015 7:04 AM

Education! Can you try and get your wife to go to a doctor with you that supports the use of cannabis for pain management? Readings? That's my thought. It seems ridiculous that she is talking to you about this in front of your daughter!,,,

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