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Medication Cost- Savings option

Feb 16, 2016 6:18 PM

So, I am watching the nightly news and hear a blurb about the high cost of prescription drugs. This was on the NBC nightly news tonight if you want to look up the source. The app is: Blink Health. I looked up the app and they have really good prices on medication. This app is for everyone regardless of insurance. I have not used this yet but it looks promising.

Feb 17, 2016 1:49 AM

What I thought was odd is that you pay for your medications in the app then show your phone at the pharmacy. I called Walgreens (thinking they are almost everywhere) the pharmacist said they have a couple of clients and it works fine. I only posted about this because I would hope the news was not promoting a scam. The nice feature is the program shows you the actual price you pay. I have had problems with a few of the OTHER prescription drug savings apps. Example stores not honoring the prices posted (Walmart, some major grocery store chains and even Walgreens). Also two large chain stores said they absolutely would not honor the prices on Class 2 medications, that would be pain medications. Thought I would share what I had experienced. If this helps any of us save on medications regardless of insurance or not it is a bonus.

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