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Feb 04, 2017 6:52 AM

Yup I poofed... Was a hard week for me and Thursday was best day I got to see my Tree spend day with him.. Better then nothing he's off again 😭😭😭😥..... Today I'm try focus on art I'm doing a pic for me.... Yea for once I doing a pic for Cj... I started it last night but did not wanna get into details cuz I was waiting get sleepy and I did so layed down knowing I'd have all day to focus on it... So morning tea it is... I gotten two morning blends from YOGI brand are amazing morning teas helps boost u'r mood energy, plus clears u'r mind heoos u focus... I always drink it every morning.. Watch news can't play music til after 11:30 being curtious lol... Hugz hope y'all doing ok

Feb 04, 2017 6:56 AM

Good to see you MizzMonroe. Glad you got to spend day with Tree. Would love to see the pic when you're done. You make beautiful pictures.

Feb 04, 2017 7:12 AM

@animallover2 why thank you... I since pulling up my paint briches, and getting spicey and tired of not being able do other things I could but can't now I tossed my whole self into this what I'm putting out right now is probably my best work yet... I get better every pic.. Soon I'm start painting painting so I'm excited for that... I will always share my art I always fear people get tired of me or feel I'm being all showy I'm not really but when u have only 1 GOOD THING WELL SOME TIMES U LIKE TO PUSH IT OUT THERE CUZ ITS ALLLLLLLL U HAVE AND ITBARES UR SOUL!!!! 💋❣

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