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Might lose job due to pain

Nov 12, 2017 5:11 PM

Hi everyone,

I work at a retail store that i started before my fibromyalgia pain was too bad to stand for long hours. I used to be abke to sit in a chair whole checking customers out because of the pain I get from standing is too much to handle for me, but now they won't let me sit at all. One of my managers took me into the office and basically told me that I should look for another job because of my attendance and leaving early is too much. I only call out or leave early when I absolutely have no choice and the chair being taken away is not leaving me much of a choice. I have 10 collets on my record and we're only allowed 12 before we are fired.
I know I wouldn't qualify for disability after reading all of you all are the difficulty with getting disability and I only have fibromyalgia as a diagnoses.
Unemployment is only for people who are physically able to work and working towards getting another job what I have been applying to the few jobs that I could physically do like maybe a desk job and I've been getting nothing.
I was hoping that someone else has been in a similar boat or is in a similar boat and has any ideas for me. I live with my boyfriend but he does not make enough to pay for all of our bills alone and I'm not welcome back in my dads house because you said once I move out I am on my own and he is stuck to it.

Nov 12, 2017 5:40 PM

That is truly sad, that they are unwilling to accommodate you. Is there a human resource person you could talk to? Meanwhile you are probably smart to look for a new job that is more flexible. I got a sit/stand desk which is nice because it hurts me to sit too long.

Nov 12, 2017 6:29 PM

What about short term disability? That will get you through the holidays. Get to the doctor and start documenting everything. As you have read none of us have just one diagnosis. Work with your doctor's.

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