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Jul 09, 2015 9:58 PM

I've been getting migraines every night around 9 and they are killing me. It doesn't make sense as to why I'm getting them. I just want it to stop.

Jul 09, 2015 10:32 PM

Have you tried to keep a notepad with the time you start to feel it coming along with how you were feeling, what you ate, etc that may help you to find the triggers that are causing them?? It could be very possible that for some reason you are becoming more stressed at night and the added tension brings them in? Do you have neck/shoulder problems? My migraines come up from my neck, behind my ear and then take over the left side of my head. I hope you can find some relief. Try to put compresses on your forehead over your eyes and see if that helps. I wish you some kind of relief and pray you and/or your doctor can figure out why they're coming and how you can either make them less frequent or eliminate them altogether. Best of luck to you.

Jul 10, 2015 1:57 AM

Camyrnnnnn, I also get migraines triggered from my neck & shoulders. I've noticed if I sit slouched a certain way it makes my neck crooked and that's one trigger. Another is being on the tablet or computer to long looking down. A third trigger is foods like peanuts or to much chocolate in one day, or no caffeine in more than two days. Along with my meds I heat a shoulder wrap and wrap it around my head and it helps by relieving the muscle tension that's built up. I hope you'll figure out your triggers soon so you can get better control of them! 🙏

Jul 11, 2015 9:54 PM

I had them now for over 40 yrs. The everyday things like room color, the new types of light bulbs, even ceiling fans with lights can trigger them. If you changed anything you need to note that, even brands of foods can be trigger s... a simple way to ease them without meds is to massage the base of your left thumb, use ing your right thumb. You will feel a tender spot somewhere between the base and last knuckle, but be gentle.

Jul 11, 2015 10:15 PM

I actually have a scalp massager someone gave me as a joke... It works sometimes, if I catch it early. 🙏🌼

Jul 13, 2015 6:52 AM

I thought that I was having one. But mine lasted constantly for 9 months .Became unbearable. It was found to be a neck and spine issue.

Jul 13, 2015 7:55 AM

CHWalt, that's not fun. I get cervicogenic headaches from my neck and it sometimes hurts into my shoulders and down my arms. I've works better than heart but I can barely tolerate a real ice pack. I bought a bread followed shoulder wrap that can be child or microwaved, and it drapes over my shoulders and up the back of my neck. I was getting ESI injx from my pain specialist, but this are on hold until Mayo figures out what's causing my hand tremors (sometimes whole body).

What are your doctors doing to help you with your headaches? Have you tried the ESI nerve blocks? I hope and pray you, and everyone can get better relief from their headaches! 🙏🌼

Jul 13, 2015 1:59 PM

I also have chronic migraines. I have to be really careful about rebound headaches. It's possible to get in a cycle of taking medication and triggering the same headache like clockwork when you then try to stop the medication the next day or if you've been on a certain medication for awhile and stop it might give you nightly headaches for awhile in rebound. Cluster migraines also tend to be the kind you can set your watch by and will increase in intensity and duration in some cases. My ex husband had those. Very nasty.

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