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Mild knee surgery - what to expect?

Jan 06, 2015 8:14 AM

Good morning. Im having oroblems with my left knee. It keeps buckling on me, and overextends when I walk. When it does I get an horrible pinching & scraping pain under the kneecap. I found out yesterday at the Ortho, there's a really good sized bone spur sitting on top of the lower leg bone, and when my leg extends the spur pushes right into the kneecap undersurface.

The doctor knows about the other med issues I'm being checked for, and he stated, "You've got something going on causing all this weakness, neuropathies, and changes in your brain. We need to remove the bone spur, but it can wait a little longer unless you cant walk at all. Your other issues need to be identified (asap)." He gave me a cortisone shot and said we'd reevaluate the knee spur in a couple of months for surgery. Just for the record, I've never had doctor more concerned about my health issues over how they can pad their own pocket (at least none since 2010)...lol. 😱

I'm a little worried bc using the cane to balance for the injected knee made it worse on my right leg (weaker side, unknown cause). By bedtime my whole back and legs were screaming pain. Glad to say its calmed way down this morning and I can use the cane for my weak leg again.

But, of all the surgeries I've had, I've never had surgery on a knee or shoulder. Most have been abdominal & neck and 1 toe. Who has had bone spurs removed from the knee joint, or any mild knee surgery? Is it easy to get over? I know joint replacement is a boogabear bc multiple family members have had that. Thanks for any input or advice, and hope everyone has a blessed day...regardless of this awful cold front coming in. 🌸

Jan 06, 2015 8:59 AM

I've had friends go through knee replacement and with that you have to have intensive physiotherapy to relearn to walk but bone spurs I'm not sure if you do. I believe with them you have to do physiotherapy to maintain mobility and aid healing but it is not add intensive as joint replacement requires. You can discuss it with a doctor or physiotherapist to see if it can be done in a non - aggravating to you other conditions type way.


Jan 06, 2015 9:32 AM

Thanks Reece, I gained him bc the other Ortho retired last month. I don't plan to let him go!

Jan 06, 2015 9:46 AM

Of course Flappy, if you ever need support, help or someone to talk to I'm always here

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