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Military training

Oct 09, 2014 9:56 PM

I was born told that my leg was not well seated where the leg and hip connects. I was told that I needed a surgery that could meant subtracting a few inches from my leg. I did not get the surgery and grew up with constant pain, if pain were rated from 0 - 10 it would be in between 8-10. Joined the military because I grew to put up and cope with the pain. now it feels like it's only getting worst from the hip. When I do leg lifts I can hear a click from the hip everytime that leg comes up. pain just gets more intense that pain relievers won't help at all yet somtimes having somthing hot applied on the pain it helps alittle. Pain can come either conducting combat training, walking for to long, or somtimes just wearing a differant shoe. Anyone with a similar problem?

Oct 10, 2014 2:15 AM

I have a similar problem. Although I have one leg slightly longer than the other, it was my scoliosis that caused the sudden influx of pain from the joint. I often find that my hip joint and right knee cause me pain if I straighten the leg and put pressure on it for long periods of time. I found that wearing air sprung shoes with slightly longer tops helped to cushion and support the affected areas when putting strain on it for long periods. Perhaps you could use something similar? Hope this helps.

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