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Motionopsia - fast sensation

Jun 17, 2017 12:42 AM

What is fast sensation - Motionopsia is its name. It is currently an unrecognised part of the family of syndromes associated with the oddly named over arching (Alice in wonderland) AIWS syndromes. The full effects of the fast motion sensed (as in speed), are most probably associated to varying factors with underlying causes, like an onion.

When you experience the sensation, it is the first outer layer where your body is recovering from an immune response which triggers the actual sensation of speed. This is linked into your vestibular biological systems, which can be attacked by recurrent viral and/bacterial infections.

The second layer is a recent stress event, this may be a single moment, but will more often than not, be a series of specific events building up over a non-specific period of time into a pre-climax that triggers your immune system into a state of being overwhelmed. This is unbalancing the immune systems normal homeostasis. It's more likely that emotional stress is the main activator, but it's like a car, stress turns the key and it sends a signal to start the ignition coil in the engine and all the proceeding mechanisms fire and cycle and the car as it becomes active.

The third layer is a lot deeper/thicker than the other two and will have a point of origin, usually this would be associated tô when you are a juvenile and is highly probable the result of an infection of the body, an infection which is capable of altering its DNA over time to mimic your own DNA and therefore becomes intertwined with your life as a symbiotic host relationship with its cause and effect consequences. Essentially if your immune system tries to kill it, then the immune system ends up actually attacking your body aswell, considering that the infection has infused with your own DNA.

One might say there is a core or underlying issue, this represents or manifests as the initial pre-infection phase. Where the body becomes receptive to the virus or bacteria. This could be an accident, as in trauma leading to an open wound for ease of bacterial entry, which could essentially enter at anypoint and not necessarily at the site of the accidents origin, more probably where high human activity occurs and the infection can persist or where animals congregate as the vector species. If it were a viral infection, it could be as simple as a child failing to stop an infected mosquito to bite them, same goes for bacterial infections. Although other factors may be at play.

As far as I'm aware, there has been little research or evidence to associate the disease and sensation with any correlation studies, perhaps this is more due to a feeling within the community of sufferers that they would be unfairly discriminated based on their misunderstood condition. Albeit, not proving a theory, does not necessarily unprove a theory.

People who suffer from the condition may experience sleeping issues and benefit from using white noise to give background noise, as the mind may remain too active due to an
overactive immune system.

Other problems may manifest either in childhood, such as mild dysphasia. Often these are picked up long after the initial infection occurs and do not screen for any underlying genetic correlations or blood work to test for presence of viral or bacterial sources.

At the very least this disease may manifest rarely in certain individuals, although it could be said the sensation is merely part of a larger spectrum of problems and should be carefully screened or assessed to determine whether the individual develops any learning disabilities or chronic conditions that would only be explained by limited reviews on the impact of the individual through psychological tests.

With the sensation of speed is experienced over various time frames for certain individuals, the occurrence of other manifestations of syndromes could all be associated with an underlying autoimmune disease, as in the AIWS family of syndromes, which are in fact an expanding family of medical conditions all which are linked into the neurological pathways, endocrine system, lymphatic system and potentially the connective tissues.

The blood brain barrier has been shown to be easily bypassed by viruses, whose nature are very detrimental to human health and the long term ramifications could lead to development of other chronic diseases that are presently being found to be all linked to underlying autoimmune dysfunction.

When it comes to the underlying infections, the fast sensation can be thought of as a by product of the immune systems response to the virus, which may in fact be a out of control healing action caused by the immune system. Hence the length of the sensation may be short, although for those with prolonged sensations these could be thought of as a immune response gone haywire triggering too many chemical reactions in the body.

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