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Mouth Ulcers

Dec 07, 2016 12:31 PM

So apparently I grit my teeth when I sleep because I'm in pain and then the new medication I started one of the side effects can be mouth ulcers so my entire mouth is inflamed right now I'm miserable I can't eat I'm cranky and people keep asking me questions and wanting me to talk to them at work and I'm getting very frustrated... I use a medicated mouthwash..this is not a new experience for me...I have dealt with this for years... I bite my lip or cheek... Eat the wrong thing..start a new med...it's liquid diet and mouth wash for days...does anyone else suffer this? I've been told its a common fibro thing as well...any home remedies or preventative ideas would be greatly welcomed! 😫😫😪😪😥😥🤐🤐

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