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MS psients,Who is overwhelmed of pain in feet(restless legs) fucked up life over 10 years?

Mar 03, 2018 2:28 AM

My pray for this is to Get some out of IT,i give a f...... In type of medesine AS long AS IT dose some difference so i can visit my famiily and partisapate in sosial arrang.and life in every way,my life has been doing the same fem thing a day,but im depressed deeply(i will say) living in a box with all my symptoms and questoins. I miss my network,but since fatiqe is a bitch,an my life is like prisom since i dont have driving lisense,my aeg begyn to Word against.....i have a full overhaling to do,but im not afraid for Medication that work,ratter that then loose every bit of lifeguality,and meaning.My ID and spinalcord?
Så pleasé everyone who have no Choise and found luck and a Great "lifequalitysaver" i have trygd everthing of light medisine,and fedd up since that is What they hope is enough but my past,ive tryed everthing legal an illegal. But have no intensiion but controlled my pain,im Grandmaster,and for me to travel and Stay for some days is scary if i Get ill or very ill and 6 hours from my (cell!) but with medisine IT has goone Good every time. But i cant reatch the doktor,i have no energi to change and begyn for the 17 th time Get trust,lojalty and u know...... If u have ben om the same trip AS i and found a medisine -BENZO or medesine that works There and then?...HELP ten and There..... Wiish u all luck f the future

Mar 03, 2018 9:09 AM

I am sorry you are always in pain. I know about the pain. I live with it too. Sometimes even with medication it get to be to much. I just keep going not for me but for my wife.

I have the same thing with my legs at night. It feels like my legs are electrified. I have to move them all the time.
I think anyone with persistent pain gets depression.
I feel like I am going to die everyday, but I keep going as hard as that is.
I know you have enough going on in your life with the issues you have. Remember the good times and try to make new ones.
I try to make people laugh, that's my thing. I feel good when other people feel good.

I hope it help you a bit and I am sorry if I doesn't.
Take care of yourself.

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