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Muscle Spasms

Aug 04, 2014 4:26 PM

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with agonising muscle spasms? They do not feel, or behave like regular muscle cramps, but feel 'deeper', somehow. I get them without warning, in most muscles from my jaw, neck, back, thighs, hands, arms and stomach muscles. They are extremely painful, and can last from minutes to on-and-off for a couple of days. Thanks :-)

Aug 25, 2014 7:21 AM

have you looked into whether you have myofascial pain syndrome?

Aug 25, 2014 8:58 AM

usually the bad spasms last for about 30 minutes. other less intense last for weeks sometimes, less intense come and go through my body, I look like a crazy person sometimes because I am walking around and all of a sudden go ouch and spazz.

Aug 25, 2014 6:32 PM

MPS has never been mentioned, REF. Whenever I've seen consultants, I seem to end up with different/extra diagnoses, and suggested possibilities; e.g. Fibromyalgia; Rheumatoid Arthritis; ME; Osteoarthritis; possible Lupus and/or MS etc etc
The muscle spasms are extremely annoying, as they happen 'out of the blue' - exactly as you describe, Evieelizabeth. Many a time I have suddenly shot out of the chair, in the middle of a meeting, or a meal, writhing around in pain. I'm sure my work colleagues think I'm crazy! lol

Aug 30, 2014 11:11 PM

I get them too. they are awful. they're also random; mostly they happen if the pain is building or I've over done it, but sometimes it'll happen when I'm fine. sometimes I can predict that it's going to do it, but more often than not it happens out of the blue. and 90% of the time I can't do anything to stop it! especially once it reaches a certain point. then u just gotta wait for it to happen! and wait for it to stop. mine can last anywhere from 5mins- 30 mins. the longest it ever did was 6hrs (although I don't know if that was one big spasm, or lots of little ones all one after the other... either way it KILLED).

I agree, it's not a cramp. my doctor told me that was what it was recently, and to just 'work through it.' which is impossible. maybe they're related to cramps, but they are NOT cramps. they're excruciating, the pain is spiking uncontrollably, feels like someone is stabbing me and trying to gouge out something in my hip, both at the same time. I'm not really much aware of what's going on around me, I get tears running so down my face from the pain, and afterwards I'm so exhausted and deflated that I cant really do much. at all. work through it... pffft. and then I'm out of action for at least the next day. when I was at school, I used to have 1-3 a day, almost every day. thankfully I'm not QUITE back at that point, although it's certainly heading that way again...

I'm so glad you said something; I've never met anyone who has them like me. I'm not alone!! :D

some advice: try massaging it, particularly as it gets worse. not too hard, just a little

Aug 30, 2014 11:14 PM

stupid app won't let me finish my sentence >:(

massaging: I can't guarantee that it'll do a lot at any given time, or that it'll work or have an effect each time; but sometimes it can buy you some time to get to a place to be alone/away from everyone, or to sit down (in my case) or be able to relax a bit, so that when it does happen you're a bit more comfortable, and sometimes it'll actually be able to stop it happening. hope that helps!!

Aug 31, 2014 5:12 PM

Thanks for the tip ABeadedWorld. I will try massaging. Whenever I get spasms in my back, I feel as if I need someone to punch the muscles (I have actually asked my partner to do this...but was given a look that said 'what are you, weird or something'!!!) Lol With the back muscles, I find laying on a tennis ball can sometimes help alleviate spasms sometimes. I will definitely try massaging the muscles in my legs, arms and jaw, though.
I agree, they are exhausting...I don't think friends and family understand, and it's difficult to explain it.

Sep 01, 2014 1:04 AM

I have awful episodes of violent muscle spasms/contractions about 2-3X per month that start while I am asleep. This is definitely worse than RLS and may be PLMD, but because the docs don't know what's going on, they either ignore my problem or make me feel as if I'm exaggeration my experience. I've even shown my neurologist a self-recorded video and he though I was making myself jump! I need a new rheumatologist, but this one was the only one who could see me withing 6 months of calling in as a new patient. Here is what I experience. On days where I have over-exerted myself and am extremely exhausted when I go to bed, my husband reports that I start "twitching" at about 10:15pm. By about 11:00pm, two hours after getting into a nice deep sleep, the twitching has grown to spastic jerks that can launch me several inches into the air. Obviously, this is not something either of us can sleep through. The sensation usually starts as creepy-crawly, ticklish, yet annoying bursts of the outside middle of my hip and travels down my leg to the mid outside calf. At full force, it feels like repetitive taser or high TENS-unit strikes that go on for hours. The length, severity, and violence of each occurrence can be emotionally and physically painful and draining, which sometimes leads to it happening again the next night! At full strength, I've kicked side tables over, scratched deep, open wounds into my husband due to my toenail gouging him somewhere, flailing myself out of bed to the floor, and causing serious wall damage. The fixes are as follows: get out of bed and WALK/PACE for up to 2 hours, get up and go eat a bowl of cereal while high-knee marching then go lie on the couch or floor and do strenuous leg exercises or put in an exercise DVD to do, stay in bed and cry for hours, which drives my husband to leave the room, or the best solution for me is to start DOWNING Rx Gabapentin pills in 2:2:2 order... two capsuals the moment I first notice the spasms starting, two more every two hours until they have completely stopped, then two more capsules before going to bed the 2nd (next) night to prevent a reoccurrence. This undiagnosed condition has been with me since childhood, but only got severe once I had children! Now I have occurrences in both legs and sometimes it will start the same way from the center outside of my shoulder traveling the entire length of my arm. when this happens WATCH OUT! Anyone around me could get punch, get an eye poked out, be hit by a ring that flies off like a weapon, etc... If anyone else has experienced this, especially if you have received a diagnosis, PLease let me know.

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