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My biggest fear came true

Jul 15, 2019 5:22 PM

Sorry I’ve been off line. Since the accident, I’ve been so afraid of falling. Well, it finally happened last week. I fell as I reached the kitchen sink. I broke my left wrist (displaced colle’s radial fracture). Luckily my orthopedic is familiar with RSD (as he still calls it). I’ll see him tomorrow to see if the bone drifted and if I’ll need surgery. Due my CRPS, he wanted to give the nerves and swelling time to relax and calm down. The bad news is there are signs of nerve damage and there is a very good chance of a spread with the CRPS.
The ER doctor was great and did try to ease my pain but was shocked that all the drugs they gave me had no effect and they hit me with morphine, Fentanyl, toradal, and diluadid. Doctor couldn’t believe I wasn’t sleepy and perfectly coherent. But that means the Vicodin the orthopedic gave me is doing nothing for my pain.
As a result of my fall, pt on my leg is on hold and I’ve just been in a really bad place mentally. I’m back to not sleeping because I can’t get comfortable and I am so very tired of being in pain all the time. I have honestly cried more this last week than I did the last nine months.
Just trying to take things one day at a time.

Jul 16, 2019 7:29 AM

Ouch! Have you the developed a resistance to the narcotics, naturally or because of the prolonged use? I was on your ER recipe for only a short time, the only long term use leading to a prolonged stay in the hospital. I alternate now between the Oxy twins and Nucynta. Again, nothing as potent as yours.
The mental battle is worse than any of the physical, in my opinion. I am not programmed to handle physical disability well. I found (recruited) someone to vent to. It is not fair, it is never OK, and I do not have to like or accept it. It must get better, yes? The doctors have no choice... and I have little left to do but fight, so I may as well. And advice is ways bad... :-)

Jul 16, 2019 12:57 PM

I haven’t been on narcotics since January. With CRPS, it’s not unusual for narcotics not to have effects but definitely is awful when you really need them and they don’t work 😢
All we can do is continue to fight and push through and pray for strength and better days.

Jul 16, 2019 5:14 PM

Wow. I can only imagine and empathize. Like most, I sought non-pharma solutions to augment the Rx, especially as I try (italics, exclamation marks, operative word) to minimize med use. One such peripheral my spouse found is a simple foam and goose-down mattress topper. It is absolutely the most comfortable, non-medicinal accessory I own. I must force myself to relax when I lie down, which is painful, but once I get through that, it is akin to floating. It has helped mitigate my cervical, lumbar, shoulder and leg pain to no end. The greatest challenge is wrestling my dogs for a spot. I know it isn't much, but maybe something like that could help a bit. I find there is little people like us have not thought of much less tried.
I also find my situation worsens as the day progresses (similar to sundowning?). That mattress has earned its keep for late afternoon, pain-induced somnolence (I just wanted to use that word; had to look it up 🤣🤣 ).
Of course, as you say, with all these solutions and ideas, if we do not push and fight, they are for naught.

Jul 17, 2019 12:11 PM

Oh my gosh Gabbylynn! I immediately said a prayer for you after reading your post, for strength and reduced pain and more. I totally understand and empathize with your frustration and exhaustion from pain and lack of sleep. It's all a vicious cycle that seems never ending sometimes. You just focus on resting when you can, even if it's 5-15 minutes. Try listening to relaxing music in a dark room. My daughter sent me a video from the beach early this morning, and it sounds so wonderful...all 30 seconds of it! 😉 I'd love to listen to that all day & night!

Following my recent 3 week flare up I turned around to go back into my bedroom too quickly and accidentally slammed my knuckles into the dresser. I just came home from the doc and luckily there are no broken bones but I have a lot of swelling of the first 2 fingers and thumb. He said ice it and he will see me in 3 weeks. If not better then he may give me a steroid shot (I declined today) & order an MRI. The doc laughed and told me to try and not injure myself again, as I'm frequently having clumsy accidents. My hubby told him our daughter is the same (she twisted her ankle at the beach last night!).
Sending you gentle hugs love & prayers nothing else will go wrong and you won't need surgery! 🙂❤🙏🌼

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