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My crazy week...

Dec 03, 2016 2:31 AM

My son is home for a month. He got here Tuesday. Yea!! At one point in our relationship we were estranged. 8 years of not talking. So in many ways we are getting to know each other once more. My hearts full ..

His birthday was in September and mine was last month. So - for our combine birthdays I bought us tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. That concert was Wednesday night. Knew I would pay for sitting that long .. But I would do it all over again. It was amazing. The sweetest elderly man and his daughter sat by me. At one point in the concert the band played their version of Flight Of the Bumblebee's. This elderly man grabbed my arm - he was so excited. Said he had never heard it played that way before. (smile) after the concert he said he loved it. That it had been awhile since he heard music that loud. Not sure if this site will let me post a video? If so I have a real short clip to share.

Ok. And now Thursday has arrived. Had both eyes dilated to make sure the laser surgery on the hole in the retina was healing right. It looks good but he said I had scarring on both eyes and if I notice any changes to call him. Then that afternoon - another nerve block. Left side neck this time. Funny story Aug:t
Owie... )my brother volunteered me to babysit my Nephew. I love the kid bunches but he is a hyper 8 year old. Trying to entertain him right after a day like that. Ugh. My son was on a conference call for work so not much help there. My dad was off hunting with my brother. They didn't get a deer yet didn't get home until 8:30 last night. Thank goodness my son had his XBox. It helped to keep Jonas entertained.

And now it's Friday. Yee haw! Took mom to get her hair done. Had to start planning a going away party and organize a sign up sheet and..... It seems that since I am good at organizing things the leaders of my church tends to volunteer me for organizing things like:
Going away party
Collecting for end of year bonus
Christmas gifts for bus kids

I told them after December I was retiring. Lol.

Anyways.. This afternoon in had Physical Therapy. The muscles in my left side neck have really been tight. Tighter than normal. So she tried the Dry Needling on that area. She said it would be sore today but I should feel some relief tomorrow. I all ready feel some relief - and that should be amazing since my son and I fought the lights today - and the lights won.

Sweet dreams y'all..
Am.half asleep. Hope this made sense. My eyes didn't want to stay oen

Dec 03, 2016 8:41 AM

So happy to hear that you and your son are repairing your relationship! So important to keep family relationships strong! My fiance just met his 15 year old son after not seeing him for 13 years. His daughter also meet him a couple of days ago. We haven't gotten to the point of my son's & I getting to meet him yet but that time will come :) So happy for you that you had a meaningful might out with him! Sounds like PT is helping... always a good thing!!! Hope everything continues to go in a positive direction for you!

Dec 03, 2016 9:19 AM

Thank you Liz. This Christmas will be the first time in 18 years I will have both of my children home for Christmas. Its the best Christmas present of all. :)

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