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My illness

Nov 30, 2014 2:52 PM

Hi I'm new here and want to get the word out on my illnes. I have ankelosing spondylitis and the familer fibro I have a bone fusing illness my immune system is attacking my joints I'm in pain most of the time some times I can't walk or be normal

Nov 30, 2014 6:09 PM

Hi Starshine. Welcome! This is a great forum for advice, motivation and good old TLC.
How long have you been diagnosed, and what medications are you taking?

Nov 30, 2014 6:39 PM

I was diagnosed about six years ag. . Been with pain sense I was 12 now 35 have upper neck and lower back fusio. . I take enbrel and effixer celebrex no pain med the shot has helped alot with the progression and I don't hurt to bad still have some pain mostly tightness where I'm fused

Dec 01, 2014 5:26 PM

You have a lot to manage and deal with :-( The fusing must be frustrating, and limit your mobility. Glad to hear the pain med shot worked for you.

I've been on here about 6 months, and find it strangely 'comforting' to know I can converse with others in pain, suffering chronic conditions.

I have fibromyalgia (diagnosed at 54); RA (diagnosed at 17); OA (diagnosed at 55); many structural spinal problems (diagnosed at 45); chronic insomnia, and skin conditions (formication etc.). I usually use the chat function on here when I can't sleep! Just been prescribed Gabapentin, which is working fairly well alongside Arcoxia, Tramadol, Naproxen & Citalapram. Have had spinal shots several times (for inflamed facet joints), but they've stopped working, so rely on oral pain meds now.

I'm still mobile, thankfully, and work full time in a special school for children with severe behaviour problems (from 4 - 16), and find I'm totally exhausted at the end of the day. My bed has been moved downstairs, as I have to lay flat as soon as I get in. Otherwise, I'd be cut off from the family.

Have you heard of 'The Spoon Theory'? It's a brilliant way of explaining to friends and family about the effect your conditions have on your pain levels, energy and mood etc. It's a very simple idea. I've posted the link to the web page, if you're interested:

really helps to have a moan on here, or just have a chat. I hope you enjoy using Catch My Pain as much as I do.

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