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My last few weeks.....the bad then the most surprising ending!!!!

Feb 25, 2017 5:00 PM

Hi all

I've been milling about on here a bit recently but not as active as I was. I've responded to a few posts but I've not really felt in the right frame of mind to do much and that's also what I've been like in my life recently as well.

First there was the period after Christmas where my daughter had an ear infection which lasted 5 weeks with 5 lots of different antibiotics and over that period her attendance at school was 50%. I also picked up the same ear infection as her and a UTI which both needed antibiotics.....I've personally not felt right since the UTI as I've still got all the symptoms but there's no infection showing in the dip tests or the samples sent off to the lab so my Dr has now referred me to the continenice clinic as I have the normal UTI symptoms as well as if I feel the need to go to the loo I have to get to the toilet immediately or I will have an accident and have had especially at night....my toilet is downstairs and at the back of my house. Very embarrassing whether I'm at home or out so I've had to start wearing incontinence pads. I'm doing pelvic floor exercises which hasn't seemed to help so I don't know what more to do.
My vertigo has been up and down as well and I've been feeling stressed about my ESA appeal tribunal (disability hearing) which took place on Thursday.

After all that time off from school with her ear infection, Jo on Sunday started having stomach cramps and she had a temperature and her blood sugars were all over the place and come Monday morning she also had diarrhoea! Well the school wasn't happy with this and asked me was I sure that it wasn't her anxiety.....I said to them that when she gets stomach cramps and diarrhoea from anxiety she doesn't have a temperature and her blood sugars don't go all over the place like they were but I'd speak to Jo's diabetic nurse and then call the school back. Jo's diabetic nurse is of the same opinion as me that a temperature of 39.2 and blood sugars of 21.5 (they're meant to be below 10) for no reason at all (sickness can make blood sugars go out of control) so I rung the school back and the headmistress was very sad for Jo and said that if Jo has more time off then the council will soon be asking why she's had soo much time off.....every time she's been off I've not only been in touch with the school, I've been in touch with her diabetic team and I've taken her to the doctors as well so I'm not keeping her off just because, she is actually ill.
She's been ill with her temperature and diarrhoea all week and my son also became ill with a temperature and diarrhoea halfway through the week as well. Yesterday they both could have gone in to school as they were clear of diarrhoea and their temperatures were back to normal but when I took Jo to the doctors on Wednesday he said she couldn't go in till at least Monday as there's the 48hr rule of being clear of diarrhoea and AJ's school told me the same....48hrs clear. If the council want to come question me then so be it 😕
I had to cancel Jo's appointment at the diabetic clinic because of her stomach bug....can't take a bug like that into the hospital!

Thursday afternoon I had my tribunal about my ESA appeal. I was soo stressed and wound up and anxious the 2 days leading up to Thursday with everyone telling me to calm down and what will be will be but I think they forgot they were talking me....a proper stress head....so I tried to distract myself as much as possible with doing my "recovery book" and colouring in. We'll Thursday came and I had to wait till the afternoon....my case was at 15.20 one of the last appointments which made me feel worse.
I made it there in plenty of time and one of the citizens advice advisors came with me which I was very thankful for. When I got called in I was shaking soooooo bad, there were 2 people, a doctor and a judge, sat one side of a very large table and we sat the other, there was also a court clerk.
When I was sat down they introduced themselves then the doctor asked me a load of questions about my daily life and how change affects and how my TN pain affects me. After they had finished they said was there anything else I wanted to add.....just as I was about to answer that my anxiety means I need someone with me to go into shops she finished her sentence with "bearing in mind we're accepting your appeal" I was soo happy and shaking soo much that I could bearley walk. The advisor had to go get her car to drive me to mine!!!!! To say I'm shocked is an understatement especially as they don't normally tell people on the day!!!!
What a relief 😀
If you've made it this far thank you and I hope you have a great pain weekend xx

Feb 26, 2017 2:32 AM

Really pleased they over turned their decision 😊

Feb 26, 2017 2:50 AM

Awesome news sezzy! I can't file for mine as the "Insured Credits" expired,! But that's the US for you! I work my butt off since high school to have protection like this and this is what I get, so I've been on the job search for over 2 year's! Congratulations on the appeal! I hope Jo and your Son start to feeling better! Sending you all much love, hugs and Prayer's and sunshine to brighten your day! 💖🌞

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