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Neck shoulder and arm experience/& question

Jun 14, 2015 11:40 PM

I woke up this morning and oh crap!

I got Botox injections on Friday. Sometimes, my body has to adjust afterwards. I had the doc inject the muscle that runs diagonally from by the ear to the front by the clavicle. They were killing me. They're not on the "map," but my doc is pretty cool.

But today, my neck has been killing me! And my left shoulder completely locked up, and I had pain all in my neck, shoulder, and arm. Some was just pain, and then there was flash pain (at least that's what I call it). Moving, breathing, walking, whatever induced pain. The muscles are locked up, and the nerves are messed up between the neck and the muscles. My hand--I had to open it because it wanted to shut.

I was hoping it would get better--I took a bath, put lots of voltaren on it. I can't find my magnesium :(.

So now, it's better. I hope it doesn't get stiff tonight. It still hurts (especially the back of the neck over and by the spine). Sometimes I feel like a wedge is in there ?? I was talking to a friend who also has chronic pain (she has much more difficulties than me). I told her that crepitus feels like nails on a chalkboard--it's so uncomfortable and ew.

Anyway. The point is--instead of freaking out, I got out the heating pad. I didn't stay still (didn't rest in bed, stretched, went for a walk) and now, what was an 8--well it's still an 8, but in a smaller area, and I can use my (dominant) arm.

This makes me happy and relieved ...

In all this, I do have a separate question.

I saw a rheumy a long time ago for General pain. He did the fibro sensitive spots with me, and I had a few but not enough.

I looked at the survey that you guys were talking about--most of those things apply.

Is it worth talking to the doctor? Could it not be fibro even if that's what the test says? (Like my OA). And since I've been on a lot of those meds, and they've been disasters, what would telling my doc help? Would it make a difference?

Any insight would help.


Jun 15, 2015 8:54 AM

Starrynight, since it's been a long time I would say yes, be rechecked. It can't hurt and if it gives you an answer for some of your symptoms then you'd get some emotional stress relief. 🙏🌼

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