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Need company

Sep 02, 2017 10:06 PM

Things r calming down with my stomach pain but now I'm thinking about the activity I'm may hsve to stop. I've been working so hard to try and loss weight. Not because the Drs have asked but because I need to have control over something. I've have just began to increase my activity in PT but now feel it may be causing issues. With it being a hokofsy weekend I'm kind of stuck ss far as Drs office calls. I'm so frustrated with hitting the wall Every time I try to increase. Just feeling a bit lonely.

Sep 02, 2017 10:08 PM

I'm trying hard to lose weight too, but it's so hard! If you want to chat message me 💕😘

Sep 02, 2017 10:09 PM

Thanks..if it's ok I'd like to keep the chat open so I can get as much feed back as possible.

Sep 02, 2017 10:10 PM

I dont really know what I need. I'm so tired but also anxious.

Sep 02, 2017 10:11 PM

Yes that's fine with me 💕 How's your pain been today? Xx

Sep 02, 2017 10:12 PM

Sorry your feeling anxious, are you worrying about anything specific?

Sep 02, 2017 10:14 PM

My pain has been better today then it has been in several weeks. My energy however is very low. My anxiety is widespread . Mostly I feel I'm nervous about tomorrow. It's my mom's bday and I've got to cook Sunday dinner.

Sep 02, 2017 10:16 PM

I'm so glad you've had a good pain day! That's great!! I have extremely low energy too as I have M.E So I know how you feel, ugh cooking can be very stressful but I'm sure you'll be fine 💕

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