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Need help with how to talk to the doctor

Aug 09, 2016 1:52 PM

Hi all.
As some of you know I'm struggling with chemical sensitivity ever since the local airport contaminated the air by not processing the deicing fluid and just letting it decay in the fields. It was really bad for a week straight which killed my tolerance and now everything seems to bother me and I'm smelling things no one else does.
Anyways, work is tired of me complaining and asking for things to be done when it comes to air quality and scents so they want me to sign my medical records over to a third party company that will make all decisions on disability acommadations.
My problem is that chemical sensitivity is not widely recognized by western medicine and documentation from my naturopath is not acceptable.
How do I explain to my doctor that my reactions are real and can be highly debilitating without sounding like the crazy person that western medicine says I am?
How can I tell him that depending on the substance in reacting to the reactions can be anything from anger and rage, to severe fatigue only, to a headache only, to headaches and dizziness, to full body shutdown including thoughts of suicide? How do I explain that the airport is still making me sick even though most people only "caught a wiff" of it in the parking lot and I was choking on it in the parking lot and smelling it in the building for several hours? How do I explain that that "wiff" of chemicals 2 weeks ago is still causing issues, I'm on the up swing from that one but it's Tuesday now and I was reacting so bad that I wrote up my resignation and made a suicide plan on Friday (1.5 weeks after very mild exposure)?
The only reason I didn't do anything was because I knew it was from the exposure, and I am buying a teardrop holiday trailer so that I can get out of the city more often so I need the money. How do I explain that without getting locked up?
I know I'm not thinking clearly because I am still reacting to the exposure on july 27th, it's getting better but it's still there.
I'm very concerned that this company that uses western medicine only in its decisions will say that no accommodations are required, or that they'll go the other direction and say I cannot work near the airport which will lose me my job. If I don't sign the papers over the best I can hope for is no acommadation and they have the right to fire me if I don't sign, as per the union.
I'm so lost. Sorry for my long whiny post. I just feel so lost and I'm trying to figure things out and how I can manipulate this to go the way I need it to. I never seem to recover before the next airport caused exposure so my brain won't be attached properly until the issue is resolved by the airport but it's not looking like it ever will be and the company is too cheap to completely redo the hvac system so that the toxins will be completely removed before they enter the building, if that's even possible.
And I'm rambling again. Sorry.
Also sorry to everyone, I haven't been commenting like I should be but I'm just not in a good place and don't want to bring anyone down with me. I can't see the positive in anything right now.

Aug 09, 2016 2:03 PM

Gotobef, I am so very sorry for what you are going through. Please don't apologize. You sound frightened and confused and your job is on the line. I wish that I had some wonderful words of wisdom to help you. Have you checked with the CDC to find out what the symptoms are for exposure to these chemicals?? This way you'll have written proof from a government agency that exposure to these toxins can cause such terrible issues. Have you tried those patches that you put on the bottom of your feet that draw the toxins out of your body? Maybe they will help you some. I'm sending you lots of love, reassuring {{{{Hugs}}}} and prayers that you'll find your way. Just know that you've got all of us standing by to support you. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸ˜Š

Aug 09, 2016 5:54 PM

I think u should print out what u wrote above. You made me understand what you are dealing with. I live is US and believe that western medicine doesnt make sense at all. All the drs do is give u medicines to get rid of your symptoms and do not heal your illness. Not only that but western medicine suppress diseases like psoriatic arthritis and makes it cause damage inside the body.

Have you looked into Homeopathy? Wondering if your naturopath uses Homeopathy. I have just finished my 3rd year in a 4 year Homeopath program in Maine. It is an amazing 'medicine' with more than 1000 remedies that actually makes the body heal itself. Chronic pain, however is difficult to resolve but i believe i can be free one day of the excruciating daily pain. An experienced Homeopath can really help. It heals disease by peeling away layer by layer (think an onion). It treats and cures acute issues like fevers, motion sickness, as well as chronic diseases such as yours. Please at least look into some of the many websites on the internet. Google "homeopathy remedies" and go to a website and not news stories because pharmaceutical companies pay lots of money to give the alternative medicines a bad name so they can continue making their billions of dollars.

Prayers to you that you find your answers.

Aug 09, 2016 9:07 PM

If there is a research University near, contact them and ask for information on chemicals effecting the body by air. Then do google the same. You might find a report or paper published about such. Even contact chemical companies and lie and tell them you are doing a research paper . Know what chemicals were released to be airborn and then ask for the dsata sheets these chemical companies are required to provide their customers. Some chemicals cause cancer when air boarne.

Aug 09, 2016 9:36 PM

Thanks Alwayzinpain. Your right I'm very frightened and confused.
I do have the material safety data sheets for the glycol used and it can cause all problems I'm having. The problem in facing is that it's supposed to be odorless but whatever is in the air isn't odorless which makes me look nuts. The airport won't disclose what additives are used to speed up the decaying process. And they claim the glycol breaks down into alcohol and vinegar but what's poisoning me smells like raw sewage or the additive used to make natural gas smell.
My naturopath is trying all sorts of homeopathic stuff and supplements, I have had improvement in my fibromyalgia but not the chemical sensitivities, some of it has made it worse.
The best I have felt chemical wise since the incident in April is when we went to one of the mountain national parks and were 2 hours into a hike and no where near anything. Of course I had to go back to work and now I'm super sick again.
My acupuncturist does that reiki stuff during our appointments too. Apparently when she uses the scrapy thing on my back (i don't remember what is called) it always shows up with patterns she has never seen. Last time it was all spinal bruising, which points to a nervous system problem, which fits with what the chemicals are doing to me. I just hope the damage isn't permanent.
The boyfriend is looking up campsites for the weekend. Even though tenting hurts him a lot he wants me in cleaner air so that i can recover a little better. Too bad he hasn't found anything yet.

Aug 09, 2016 9:38 PM

Alwayz, what patches? I've never heard of them. Do you have a name for them so that i can find them easier? Brain isn't working and i can't seem to find them

Aug 10, 2016 6:56 AM

Screenshot and print out petal 😚

Aug 11, 2016 9:51 AM

With homeopathy, if the condition worsens at first it actually means that you have the correct remedy. Butbyou shouldnt use homeopathy at the same time as acupuncture.

Aug 11, 2016 10:01 AM

Gotobef, I'll get you the name of them. They sell them in catalogs and they draw toxins from your body out the bottom of your feet. I know people who have used them and said they made them feel better. I'll have it for you later today. 😍

Aug 11, 2016 11:36 AM

Susieq I disagree with continuing something if it makes it worse on the off chance it might be the right path. It might also be a reaction to whatever is being tried which will make the entire condition worse.
In this case when I was in my home with all doors and windows closed and nothing bringing in air from outside I was getting sick from the diesel fumes and cigarette smoke from the guys digging the basement for a house 5 houses down across the street. And any time the neighbors did laundry I wanted to off myself. And my home was sealed up best I could make it. I tried for a week. Killing myself over someone's laundry smell... not progress at all. If you are studying to treat clients I would not push the making it worse will make it better, you will loose clients that way. If she had told me to continue when I called her about my reaction I would never have gone back.
Also the naturopath knows I do acupuncture, she is the one that sent me there and asks how is going each appointment. If you are only allowed to do one alternative therapy at a time it's probably too aggressive and not worth it.

Aug 11, 2016 11:37 AM

Thanks Alwayz

Aug 11, 2016 11:48 AM

I used to put these chinese medicine kinda teabags that stuck to the soles of my feet. They drew out toxins... they were very good. I only stopped cos my supply stopped. That was a long time ago tho wow... seems a distant memory x

Aug 12, 2016 10:28 AM

I understand. However thos is how homeopathy sometimes works. That is an indication that it is working. It doesnt worsen for long...and its the symptoms thay worsen, not the actual disease. My suggestion is that u not continue with homeopathy unless you do some research and have a full understanding.

Aug 12, 2016 2:57 PM

Hi SQ... i agree... but back in the day ☺i did my research πŸ€”at the time... and was emmersed in learning πŸ“šwhen i had an event😫 much like a stroke... and i lost all my long term memmories.πŸ˜‘ Turned out to be plaques forming in my brain causing damage. πŸ˜₯So i went from university student to all the blonde jokes applying!... πŸ‘±so i agree... 😊now it is beyond my comprehension... but then... i knew my stuff...πŸ€— but thanx for the advice...i have since passed on from homeopathy πŸ˜‰
Hey ho... im glad u got my back tho ty πŸ”

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