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Needing prayers please

Nov 21, 2015 8:30 AM

I've been out of touch with everyone the last couple of weeks, sorry. I've been in so much pain and seeing so many drs but it's not lettng up. Joint pain, skin extremely sensitive, headaches and neck , back and shoulder pain, and nerve pain!!! All happening at once! I wish I knew what was triggering this!
I'm sorry for the rant. And I'm sorry that I've not been there for others who need support and prayers. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. God knows each need.

Nov 21, 2015 8:46 AM

Thinking of you and sending prayers and gentle hugs.

Nov 21, 2015 8:55 AM

Sleepingbeauty, now you know there is no reason for apologies here.. We all have horrible times when we don't make it on to check on the test of the family. I am sorry this is happening to you. There is never any reason to be sorry for a rant either... It's good to get it off your chest. I am going through something very similar myself right now and on top of it, I'm sick with fever, vomiting and stomach pain. I also ach (but it's that ach that comes from being sick along with the regular pain). So, I am sending you gentle {{{Hugs}}} and my prayers that you come out of this flare quickly. And, by the way, I'm glad that you're back!! πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸ˜Š

Nov 21, 2015 9:15 AM

Thank you so much Alwayz. I'm glad to be back. I am sending gentle, prayer bathed hugs to you as well. I'm so sorry you're sick with that nasty bug. I pray it is gone quickly and that your pain will subside. πŸ’“

Nov 21, 2015 9:45 AM

Sleepingbeauty, welcome back! I am sorry that you are having to go through all of that pain all at once, never apologize for being gone sometimes it's just not possible to come on here we are here for you when you get back. Praying for and sending soft gentle hugs πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

Nov 21, 2015 10:26 AM

Sleeping beauty please we all know the pain game. I'm sorry u are getting hit so hard. Right now you have to focus on you. You have to focus on healing and finding a functional normal. We are here for you . no matter how hard it gets. Right now we have to hold u up. Do what you can to keep us in the loop. However make that the last thing you concern yourself with. Rest rest and more rest that is your job..peace and rest honey

Nov 21, 2015 11:50 AM

Sleepingbeauty, we haven't met, but I just wanted you to know that I will add you to my prayers. If I could get on my knees to pray I'd be there for hours and have caluses on them but alas, I must do this sitting or laying down, lol. I'm sorry you are feeling so badly. I hope they can get you better soon. What have they tried for the nerve pain?

Nov 21, 2015 1:15 PM

God bless you all. Thank you, THANK YOU!Love, prayers and hugs to all of you!

Nov 23, 2015 1:08 PM

Sleepingbeauty, I'm just catching up after a weekend at my dad's. I'm so sorry to hear you've been suffering so badly for so long. I had wondered where you were. I'm lifting you up in prayer! No apologies needed. This new cold snap has my bones and joints shaking and aching! I'm positive I'm developing Arthritis in places I didn't have it before. After my Mayo trip my PCP removed me from the tizanidine (wasn't helping tremors), but he put me on gabapentin for the fibro neuropathy. It's helping that. Do your docs have you on anything for the nerve pain? Hugs & prayers your docs will have your pain under better control soon. I'm praying God's hand will rest on you for less pain and more rest!! πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Nov 23, 2015 9:55 PM

Thanks so much for the prayers. I know how we all need the spiritual support more than anything. It's what gets us through. My prayers have been with all of you as well, even during my absence.
I am taking 800 mg 3x's daily minimum. The drs have all told me when I need more, take it. I also take 120 mg of cymbalta and .5 mg of ropinirole. They took me off all muscle relaxers but told me to take tramadol and lortab when needed.

Nov 23, 2015 10:07 PM

Cearea, That ks for the intro. I listed my meds above in my post to Flappyslady. I failed to mention that I was on two different types of muscle relaxers but was taken off of them. They didn't do anything but cause me more problems. The 2400 mg of gabapentin is a lot but it takes that for me even though I'm underweight. I guess lyrica will be our next move.

Nov 23, 2015 10:12 PM

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you, I'm going through alot myself right now and having a hard time. I'm staying extremely depressed, in fact way more than I ever have. When any of you say your prayers if you would say one for me I sure would appreciate it. I still may not know all of you in this pain family but I care about each and everyone of you here, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers always. Please be safe and kind to yourself, you all deserve the very best. I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday coming up. I'm thankful for each one of you. ☺

Nov 23, 2015 10:45 PM

Sleeping beauty I hope you are feeling better. I take 800 mg Gabapentin 4 x day, Savella 100 mg 2 x a day. My insurance insisted that I take Lyrica but it didn't work for me I had to take it for 3 months before they would agree to pay for my Savella. It really has helped me. Sending prayers and hugs.

Nov 23, 2015 10:52 PM

Irishgirl, I'm sorry that you are having no relief from your depression and that things are so hard for you. This is an extremely difficult time of year and with the holidays, missing loved ones who live far away or those who have crossed over. The grey and gloomy winter sky on the horizon and the barren trees, depression can get much worse than we normally deal with. Know that I am here for you. I've got a hand for you to hold when you need to be uplifted and two shoulders to lean on. I also have two ears to listen, eyes to weep with you and two arms to hug you when you are feeling alone and need comfort. You will never be alone here with us. There is always someone who will come to your aid when you need it no matter day or night and no matter the time. We understand and you can always feel safe unloading your stresses, venting, laughing or whatever you need to do. Nobody will ever judge you for it and you never have to apologize because we understand. It really does make a difference when you talk to people who truly "get it" because we live it and it helps you to not feel so alone. Sending you healing {{{Hugs}}} and orayers that things begin to turn around for you and get better. I'll be thinking of you and you can feel free to call on me at any time. Hang in there, you got this!! πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Nov 23, 2015 11:11 PM

Thank you my precious friend, ( Alwayszinpain) you and Flappyslady81 are the 2 that have always reached out to me, I can't thank you enough. My pain levels have just been staying so high these days, and my depression has reached an all time low. I just don't want to get out of my bed, or leave my room. I don't know if you remember me saying that my husband was diagnosed this year with multiple Sclerosis, but trying to take care of him when I am staying in sooo much pain and fatigue and depression is extremely difficult for me. I have been to the point of just wanting to give up. But I know that's not an option, he needs me. Also 2 of my kids and their spouses and children live with us but I can't seem to get them to understand that just because I am your mom doesn't mean I still cook,Clean, and take care of you and your spouse and children. I'm sooooo physically, and mentally tired!!!!!!

Nov 23, 2015 11:35 PM

I can sure understand that!! I do remember you telling us of your husband's diagnosis of ms. I hope and pray that he has not declined. I can only imagine how difficult it is to take care of your husband when you are in such dyer straights yourself. As far as your children and spouses living with you, that's all well and good but perhaps during a time of calm you could sit down with them and explain that with your pain and depression and taking care of your husband, it's difficult at best to be cleaning up after them and cooking and doing laundry, etc.. I hope they are grateful that you have put a roof over your head but they need to step it up and help you to get things done and take some of the burden off of you. Believe me, you're not asking for anything more than is expected snd they shouldn't be upset about you telling them so. I know it's very hard to have conversations like this and that it's not something that you want to have to do. I will keep you in my prayers and send you as much strength as I can muster along with positive vibes to uplift your spirit and as many hugs as you need to know that you have a family here and that you're cared about very much. Hang in there, you're not alone and I am just a keystroke away if you need me.πŸŒ»πŸ™πŸ»

Nov 24, 2015 12:32 AM

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo very much, you brought tears to my eyes. ( good ones ) I just haven't felt wanted or needed anywhere these days or appreciated by anyone so your kind words are a blessing. I'm still trying to figure this app out. I don't know how to write just one person on here. And I have a hard time trying to find out if anyone has replied back. But I think I'm getting the hang of it a bit better. I live in Columbus ohio, I'm 46 years old and I'm on facebook, etc. My name is Brenda Jarmusz and if anyone wants to ever email me you are welcome to reach me at Brendajarmusz69@yahoo.com.

Nov 24, 2015 10:12 AM

Weezie12, What is savilla? I am in so much pain that I can't stand it! Tramadol did nothing g to help. I should have taken my lorab but my hubby is scared I'll get hooked on them. I am so sorry for each of us dealing with this horrible chronic pain! I pray for each one of you daily. God bless you.

Nov 24, 2015 10:17 AM

Irish girl, I too pray for this wonderful support group and the suffering we deal with. I'm so sorry for your pain and struggles with depression. I think I can fairly say that we've all been there at different levels and points in our lives. Even though we have different illnesses, this is the first place that I've been able to go to and feel that I'm understood and loved as an equal. You're in the right place.God bless you dear one.

Nov 24, 2015 10:57 AM

Sleepingbeauty, I think you need to understand something that may make you and others more comfortable about taking your meds. It was explained to me by several of my doctors this way. If you are taking a dose of meds that is not higher than your pain level, your body does not experience any of the euphoric or "high" that some get from narcotics and opioids. I have been on heavy duty stuff for many years and I can go 24-48 hours without taking anything if need be (like when I had to drive 4.5 hours from my vacation and had t had any medication since the day before). I didn't withdraw, I didn't say, OMG, I need drugs, I wasn't jittery or anything. Just in tremendous pain. As long as you take the medicine as directed and not double and triple up to get away from the pain, you'll do just fine. I understand this because I was at one time many years ago hooked on Vicodin. It took me a bit to get off but then I did and was sent to pain management and took things slowly from there. I've been on OxyContin and that's supposed to be majorly addictive and I had no problem coming off of it when the insurance company wouldn't pay for it. Please don't let yourself suffer. It only adds stress to your body and makes it harder to cope and the pain levels higher. You don't need that kind of anxiety. Be kind to yourself. None of us get any medals pinned on us for being in pain if you know what I mean (it's a very old saying). At any rate, hang in there. We're here for you to lean on. {{{Hugs}}}πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Nov 24, 2015 12:14 PM

Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I have called y drs. Office to let the know the amount of pain I'm in and that the tramadol did nothing to help. I am hoping that they will say it's okay to go ahead and take lortab after having taken the tramadol.

Nov 24, 2015 9:53 PM

Irishgirl6968, I couldn't have expressed it any better than AlwayZ did. I completely understand your guilt and exhaustion from your own pain yet trying to take care of your hubby. As my own illnesses were taking hold of me, my father's health & my mother in laws health rapidly deteriorated, along with my own. I've always been the first one to step up and help anyone, but suddenly I was barely able to care for myself. It's hard to swallow even though I understand why! I'm here for you and others too, and I know you're here for me too. Hugs & prayers that God will bring more peace, rest, wellness, and balance to you & your hubby's health! πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Nov 24, 2015 11:05 PM

Sleepingbeauty, I know it's late and I hope that you are actually getting some sleep and that your pain levels have come down.(?) Did the doctor's office call you back and advise you what to take to help you to get some relief? Just wanted to check up on you and make sure that you're alright. Sending gentle {{{{Hugs}}}} and prayers that you are having a peaceful night and that you wake refreshed to a better Wednesday with lower pain levels. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Nov 24, 2015 11:25 PM

Thank you so much Alwayszinpain, Sleepinggbeauty, and Flappyslady81. You ladies are wonderful and yes Flappyslady81, I am here for you and everyone else. I also am the one that is there for everyone around me, and anything that is needed or wanted etc. Etc. I love people. I've always been a people person. My birth mother gave me up when I was 2 and my adopted mom died when I was 10 so her sister ( my aunt) became my mom, believe it or not she's more like me than anyone else could ever be or should I say I'm more like her lol. I went through a horrible horrible childhood, being molested by my dad and 3 step brothers and friends of theirs. I was abused physically and mentally by my birth mother and as an adult I've been raped 2x. I'm not quite sure if I'm aloud to talk about that stuff here. So I'm sorry if I said anything that causes anyone problems. But between my past and my present I struggled with severe depression and I have dealt with an eating disorder, both bulimia and anorexia, I started cutting myself as a teen anD I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. My body hurt sooo bad. Then as a nurse I was injured badly by a psychiatric patient and the pain, the surgeries everything. My life has been a battle of sicknesses, surgeries, depression and hospital stays but yet through it all I was still available and there for everyone. I somehow manage to keep going and going. When my husband was diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis my family started to baby my husband and every single ounce of energy has been directed to him, now don't get me wrong I'm not jealous at all but I feel hurt because I have went through breast cancer, rape, and all of the problems I've been through without any of my family even caring at all. Well except my husband and my daughter And my aunt, the one I consider my mom. I just feel like I don't have it in me to be strong anymore. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo tired of all of this pain day after day. I'm really sorry for going on and on but I guess I just needed to vent. πŸ˜‚ thank you all.

Nov 25, 2015 12:31 AM

Sending gentle hugs your way! 🌼🌸🌺

Nov 25, 2015 2:12 PM

Alwaizinpain, you are so sweet and thoughtful! I'm sorry to have just now seen this post. My drs. Office did call back and told me to take the lortab. It took a couple of hours for me to really feel relief but I was so glad to when I did. My hubby took the first look at me and said, " You've had a bad day, haven't you?" I'm glad he didn't have to see me before the pain let up. Doing better today. Not great but better. Your prayers were heard! God bless you!!

Nov 25, 2015 2:17 PM

Irishgirl6968, God bless your heart! You are a survivor! Sometimes we need to vent just so we can keep going.
Lord, I pray that you be with this amazing woman. You clearly have carried her through so much for a reason. Help her to feel Your presence and know her purpose. In Jesus name I pray, amen

Nov 25, 2015 2:30 PM

Sleeping beauty I am so sorry I just saw that you asked me what Savella was for it is for nerve pain, I also take 800 mg Gabapentin 4 x a day, the Gabapentin takes care of the upper nerves and the Savella takes care of the lower nerves. When the Dr put me on it I was under the impression that the Gabapentin took care of the nerve pain in my whole body, I was so wrong it only works on the upper body nerve pain. After I started taking it I didn't realize how much it was helping until I ran out and could not get it refilled. I was amazed at how much my lower back pain was hurting. And when I got the money and filled it and started back it took a couple of days before it dawned on me how much of a difference in my pain level was.

Nov 25, 2015 2:31 PM

Sleepingbeauty, I'm really happy that your doctor told you to take it and that you got relief. Prayers are good!! {{{Hugs}}}πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Nov 25, 2015 2:43 PM

Sleeping beauty I am happy to see that you are feeling some better today. I hope it continues to get bettet. Will be praying and sending hugs.

Nov 25, 2015 4:18 PM

Thank you weezie and alwayz!! Weezie, I wonder why my drs have never told me that. I have small nerve periphial (?) Neuropathy. I have the craziest things to deal with. My finger tips feel as if someone his holding them to a hot stove burner!y hands, arms and legs jerk. I shake. Burning pain everywhere. I'm miserable. Better than yesterday though so I'm grateful.

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