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Nerve pain

Apr 30, 2019 7:32 AM

Have any of you experienced this after an epidural injection. I had an epi on Wednesday ( last) . I experienced relief in a thin band around the belly button around back. Hurrah 😃 The problem is that wasn’t the area we were hoping for. But I’ll take it. I’m experiencing nerve pain on my right side right under my rib cage radiates to the back and up to my right sided collar bone and to the posterior shoulder blade. Day and night never ceases. Basically my entire right side effected. The pain is so severe I’ve taken a little more pain meds which I normally don’t do. With this and my chronic bronchitis of my right hip, weaning off of my prednisone and having to get my husband ready for colonoscopy. The other pain doesn’t cease. Just need to vent. Feeling overwhelmed this last week.justvwondered if anyone had a pinched nerve from one of these procedures? Any help would be appreciated🌺 love and best wishes to all my friends.🤗😘🦋

Apr 30, 2019 7:33 AM

Oh I had mild nerve pain to my right side before the procedure. This only exacerbated the problem more.

Apr 30, 2019 9:28 AM

Hi pain after jy mack injections it was really fine for a week . But now my back seems a little worse then before . It wa my right side hurt and they injected it on the left middle see .
I’m beginning to think it’s all not worth this but I got to keep going.
Bet in hour hour or so I’m going to do a presentation on prayer cards so maybe this will help me . I hope that I don’t mess it all up .They are going to make prayer cards with us . We are going to show them how.
I’m also going to get a new Sleeoer couch this week . So I have a lot this week and dr appointment Thursday . Why does everything have to come all at the same time gee lol.
Psi I think we are helping each other by chat in here I’m glad that I found this site . I’ll show my dr Thursday . Hug gently gave a nice day ok hang in there and I’ll try to also ok . I’ll let you know how it all goes ok b👌. Shore my pastor will be with me helping so that will be nice later . 🙏🙏🌈🌈❤️❤️

Apr 30, 2019 9:28 AM

Hi but I do have nerve pain also Shore at times

Apr 30, 2019 1:06 PM

Hi bye my presentation went really fast and fun and well. I hope that someday soon that you guys try it and enjoy it .
Hug gently Shore 🌈🙏🙏🌈

Apr 30, 2019 7:34 PM

Great and so happy that you are getting your sofa that you badly needed.🌺

Apr 30, 2019 9:29 PM

Hi well not badly needed but yes I do ty soon I hope to get it this Month .ty pain
Hug gently have a nice day Shore 🙏🙏🌈🌈❤️

May 01, 2019 6:53 AM

Hope your day is as pain free as possible.🙏

May 01, 2019 7:13 AM

Hi pain well not this morning my back hurts a bit . But oh well, I’m going to the dr follow up tomorrow in the morning I will let you know how it all goes.
I’m just ready to say hmm nothing they can go bc, I have tried everything in the book. I just want ay sign of relief but not getting it it’s annoying me. But my fiancé says don’t give yup do I don’t after u hear him say that and you guys.
I’m not sure even how a pain free day is yet.... once in awhile I do but not all the time . I’m wondering have I missed telling the dr something ? ..
I have chronic pain in my right side and sometimes numbness in jy left feet and calf leg . My Siatica left hip still flares up .
I take Tylenol and as per cream that helps but for awhile . I hope that they don’t say therapy bc I have tried all that they stop and say it’s not working.
Hmmm idk shrugs . Maybe they can give me s Shot in another area place that may help it more out In not sure.
It’s interesting to me . Hug gently to all ty for helping and prayer. Oh bye my presentation went really well yesterday morning. Now I maybe make Thank You cards for the Bell ringers at our church this Sunday ..
I like to make those . Hug to all Shore

May 01, 2019 1:25 PM

Sorry to hear about your ongoing pain. I totally understand your sense of desperation. I too have felt it many times. All I can say I’d try to stay hopeful and prayerful. I have prayed at times for God to release me from my suffering if it’s his will. Guess not here I am. I will fight the good fight until the very end. Making things for others out of gratitude is a good distraction. Takes your mind off your pain some. Talking with you and others on this pain site is a gift from God. I no longer am able to get out there and do any volunteer work. This site has helped me still put Gods grace and love in action. I’m not sure who gets more out of it. Lol I do know my 💜 truly feels for everyone on this site as how lonely and desperate would we all feel if we had no one other than our mates who would listen/know on a daily basis what we are truly suffering. God Bless All!💕🦋

May 01, 2019 1:38 PM

Hi Thank You pain for write this all fit us it sure does help. I never thought that this site would help but it does to see how we are all at .
I just found this out weeks ago by accident. I’m going to share and show my dr about it tomorrow morning when I go for me appointment ))) . I am a little well lit nervous about going in . Bc, I’m afraid all that he will suggest esitger more shits and see what happens more therapy , ugh I want to know why I’m getting all this for sure it’s annoying me.
That’s why I do my prayer cards maybe some day it will help be more .
All you do is get something small like a picture with a back to it . Then add different things on the back . Sayings and things . I cut out the church bulletin from Sunday.
You need Glue, markers Scissor and nice picture front....let me know how it goes it’s relaxing... I wish I can share what I made maybe some day I will . Hug gently SHORE🤗❤️❤️🙏🌈

May 01, 2019 1:39 PM

Hi bee pain I’ll try and fight the fight with you and my fiancé as well . He gas issues also hug 🤗 ))))))

May 03, 2019 9:16 AM

Hey Painwarrior, I remember having an ESI (2011-2012) at 2 different levels in my spine that both caused more pain & neuropathy than relief. Both times I called my doc back after 5 days, and both times he brought me back in earlier for a second ESi toothache did bring relief. Give your doc a call! Hugs love & prayers for your hubby's colonoscopy to go well and for you to get better relief asap! 🙂❤🙏🌼

May 03, 2019 6:42 PM

Colonoscopy went well. He had a polyp removed and they are biopsy it. Will know in 7 days. I Have low sodium levels which causes me to hold fluids in my tissues.and a very bad bladder infection that’s causing me additional pain ... Whoopi thanks for your input on the shots will be discussing it at my next visit.💕🌺🌈

May 19, 2019 9:37 PM

Ends up his biopsy was positive for cancer. My severe rib cage/upper back pain turned out that i have several blood clots in my lungs as well as several in my legs. Went to my pcp 3 times and when I felt something more serious than the bladder infection he was treating me for. Went to hospital. It’s now been 5 days. Never know what’s the culprit. Just wanting you all to know

May 20, 2019 6:24 AM

Oh wow Painwarrior. I'm sorry for the Dx for your hubby. You both will be in my prayers.

May 20, 2019 9:21 AM

Hi pain and all I came back on I feel I need this app as much as any one here does. It was helping me out .
So here goes I was Shore but I maybe change my title if it says i need to . I will put ( Shore ) like that . Gave a nice day 🌹🌹🌈🌈🙏🙏

May 20, 2019 9:22 AM

Oops miss pellet lol but I’m Shore hi everyone . I have ear pain going to dr this morning . My fiancé is take me .
I’m just not sure I want to go in. I’ll let you know later about it . Shore 🌹🌹🤗🤗🌈

May 20, 2019 9:23 AM

I My type wow lol misspelled I use spell check lol

May 22, 2019 9:13 AM

Thank you all for your support. Home now. They think I have some kind of blood disorder because they said if it was just due to inactivity (blood clots) a person usually has a blood clot in their legs that moves up to their lungs. My case was several in each leg that moved to my lungs. Looks like the good lord was definitely on my side. Nursing pneumonia in my right lower lobe of my lung. Otherwise peachy Keene as my generation would say. Lol Thanks for all your support🦋💕😘🤗

May 24, 2019 11:52 AM

Hey Painwarrior, so glad you are back home & feeling a little peachy keen!😉 Please take it easy and let your body heal. I'm praying you get over the pneumonia and have no more blood clot issues! (They are just now starting me back on my aspirin & plaquenil, which I had to stop both for surgery due to bleeding risks... I've been a little worried about blood clots due to less mobility). Hugs love & prayers you have a good restful & blessed weekend! 🙂❤🙏🌼

May 30, 2019 9:02 AM

Thank you FlappysLady 😘 recovery has been very slow. My days are being taken up with PT, OT, Nurses. Exhausted by days end. Sorry I haven’t been in just too tired 😓Hope your recovery is going well for you. Darn one of them are here now. Bye for now.

May 30, 2019 12:04 PM

I'm doing very well pain wise; little to no pain in the hip, like before my injury. Though it's hard getting around and I'm limited to being independent, I can't complain. My hubby took a few hours to visit some elderly & sick relatives, as a trial run before retire to work next week. Staying positive that I can do this! 🙏

Don't worry about not being online. We all need time to ourselves now and then, especially when we aren't feeling out best. You just focus on getting better my friend! Hugs love & prayers it's sooner than you think it might be!!🙂❤🙏🌼

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