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Nerve pain can be stopped in its tracks. Be sure to read this. It saved my life.

Oct 01, 2016 11:24 PM

First thing I should say is that I am not a doctor. It's 10 years ago so I had an injury to my back. My lower lumbar and my SI joint's. I had to have surgery right away as I was getting worse by the day and everything from my belly button down were having problems of various degrees or intensities. I was 52 when it happened.
Massive amounts of morphine didn't help. I went thru the opiate rotation a couple of times. Hydromorphone, Dilaudid, turned out to be the only one that worked AND let me sleep some.
The sciatica type pain was horrible. The narcotics didn't touch it.
They did put me on Lyrica and Cymbalta, which is an antidepressant and can be used to help lyrical work better. Zero help. The Cymbalta kept giving me brain shocks. Google that. It's very common. Kids commit suicide at an alarming rate if they use Cymbalta.
For 2 1/2 years I had restless leg syndrome along with the never stopping nerve pain. I would walk all night on my treadmill with my head in a pillow. I was really struggling.
When your S.I. Joint is involved your entire pelvis can be effected, besides the sciatica type pain. My pubic bone, hips & bum where very difficult and often hit 10 out of 10 on the scale.
I was on 18 prescriptions, two of which were OxyContin (time release) 40mg and took 2-4 5mg OxyCodone pills every 4-6 hrs as needed. 30mg OxyCodone every 4-6 hrs became the norm.
I told you all of that to qualify what I deal with, a decade so far, and what my many doctors had me on.
I didn't drink, smoke, or take recreational drugs. I smoked pot as a kid. Not since.
A young family member had heard how when his young father was dying medical marijuana was the only thing that would bring him out of pain. He was on the absolute, federally, maximum dosage of morphine, Brompton's cocktail, and 40mg Valium. When he asked we'd carry him away from the oxygen and gave him a joint. He sit up and be talking with us sounding well. Never did he do that without the pot.
His son, in his 30's now tried to convince me to try the medical grade cannabis three times. I had made a commitment to never touch that, booze and tobacco ever again.
Finally, one night, I gave in out of desperation. I thought about suicide every day after 2 years of that nerve pain. That is not an option for every reason.
I took three hits (puffs) off of a pipe. Held each one in for say 15 seconds.
With every bit of compassion and in all honesty, that pain completely stopped within 60 seconds.
I was blown away.
I'm a Veteran. Where I live became a medical marijuana state. So, I was okay there. However, if a Dr. finds THC (from the cannibis) in your system he CANNOT prescribe narcotics. Funny thing is, even though Cannabis has been a federally mandated Schedule 1 drug, like heroin, the VA sent out letters to us patients. Which said that if a Veteran being treated in the Pain Management Clinic is found to have THC in their system, and the state the live in has legalized it (the federal statute overrides all the states), the VA will NOT withhold narcotic medication from that Veteran. Wow. I got my card.
Marijuana has two major components in play. The THC gives the high feeling. The CDB is what deals with the nerves. Low THC and high CDB's is what you want. I do want a tad of the high feeling because it helps everything to calm down, including the depression.
There is a hybrid version called Charlotte's Web. It was created by 5 very bright and well educated Brother's who created in in Colorado for a little toddler girl, Charlotte. She has epilepsy. Was having over 100 episodes a day. I've heard this same story, in documentaries, about other children just as sick.
The CDB stopped it completely in some and tremendously in the rest. This is all true.
All of my doctors, including those in nationally respected specialty hospitals, think it's totally fine. Not being in pain was far more important.
We all know people get cards who shouldn't, in some states. California is known for that. For all of us with nerve pain it is an amazing solution. I try not to get high. Just enough to make it go away. Typically I only use it at night 1-2 times, 3 puffs each time. It also helps me sleep.
I have found it does no good with the bone and joint pain. Narcotics, anti-inflamatories and Gabapentin handle that. Gabapentin does help a little with nerve pain for me. As for muscle pain, it helps if you sit or lay still it will let your muscles relax.
For me, it helps with the depression.
My advise to all. Find a way to try it. Once. Multiple sclerosis patients really do well with this. For nerve pain there is nothing better.
I should mention this. People all over are creating hybrids. Various types of marijuana with varying levels of THC & CDB's. Buying from a dispensary can be misleading. If possible, once you try it, do some homework and find what works for you. Stick with organically grown from someone who can be your (states only) legal provider. Or, you can do it yourself. YouTube has all the education you need.
I'm sorry I wrote so much for you to read.
I don't take this lightly. After all I have been thru I have decided to help people who were suffering like me to understand what it is and how it works.
I'm still dealing with pain levels fro 5-9 most of the time. But, that's my lower lumber that has been fused.
If you get a paranoid like feeling just put on your favorite music, and relax. Or go for a walk in the park.
You just might be able to.
Good luck folks. I'm so sorry your living in that pain. By the way. Cannabis helps narcotics to work better. Scientifically proven. I still take dilaudid for my bone pain. But, I don't get the terrible side effects, drug interaction problems, or have to be careful taking too much. You can't overdose on pot.
My heart and prayers go with you and this message.

Oct 02, 2016 2:43 AM

Hi Jack 🌷welcome to the community 🤗
ThanQ for sharing ur story.🤗.. and for ur service🤗 to ur country. 🌷
☺Many of us here😄 are advocates for MJ😏 for pain relief and control..😎. and nausia too. 🤐Its not everybody's saving grace..🐫. but im on board 100% 🤗

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