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May 11, 2016 10:30 AM

New to fibro and group. I think I'm having a flare up. Wrist, elbows, knees, hips, ankles hurt. Left wrist hurts to bend especially after mixing cookie dough yesterday. In extreme pain. Should I see dr. Or wear brace. Help!!!

May 11, 2016 11:03 AM

If it's fibro dont brace it. You don't want to immobilize it and have muscles atrophy, which seems to happen very quickly in fibro. You can get something that is called a therapeutic healing sleeve at most drug stores. Its like a wrap or compression sleeve that may help your soreness a little after your cookie making activity.
I use peppermint oil on sore joints and muscles and it helps temporarily.
Self massage might loosen the muscles up a bit. It'll hurt but it'll help long term.
If you are worried then go to the doctor. Mine always tells me to go get physical therapy on it.
Epsom salt bath if available to you will help with general soreness. I found heat does wonders, other people prefer ice.
If you are new to fibro and it hasnt gotten super bad yet... im going to make you hate me with this but.... EXERCISE! Keep moving and keep stretching and keep your strength up even though everything hurts. The stronger you are the easier things will be, I got to the point where I couldn't open doors, don't let that happen to you. Stretching is a must because muscle cramps and trigger points are a big cause of the pain in fibro. I find yoga is a great combination of stretching and strengthening. Dont forget cardio, I react badly to the chemicals in water so I dont swim (which is the recommended activity for fibro as its low-no impact and a great work out) but I use an elliptical almost every day.
Pacing is key and probably the hardest part. You want to do enough activity that you get stronger and get stuff done but not so much that you have major hurt and can't move. So go slow but don't give up.
There will be nothing you can do about the weather, which really seems to play a big part in pain levels (at least for me), execpt have a nice hot bath or shower, do some light exercise, and find something fun to try to distract you. Keep busy so that you dont dwell on it, emotional pain or stress makes physical pain worse.
A tens machine might be worth getting. I have 2 and i love them.
Also, stay warm. When i get cold every joint in my body gets that cold burning pain and my muscles cramp and blood flow to limbs pretty much stops. But temperature control is a problem in fibro so you have to watch that you don't cook yourself either.
Clean eating well help with overall symptoms. Fibro and food intolerances go together so there is probably something you are eating that is making you worse and you don't know it. I never had food problems until fibro and now i have a list of do not eat items. Elimination diet is the only way to figure that out.
I just threw a lot of info at you. You dont have to make a whole bunch of lifestyle changes right away, go slow and take your time. There is no cure but it can be mostly managed. If something only helps a little dont give up on it, every little bit counts. Some things are going to make you feel worse before they start to help (massage and physical therapy) but dont give up on those either if you go. You body will protest you trying to change your posture or use different muscle groups and this is normal, but once those changes become the normal you will have less strain on your joints and your muscles will be better able to support you and it'll be less long term strain and damage.

May 11, 2016 11:14 AM

Thank you so much. That was very helpful. Do you think jogging at a good pace would be okay

May 11, 2016 11:17 AM

Ktt19, welcome to our community family. Lol. I responded to your other post already. I'm going backwards on the list, oldest to newest posts. I have fibro, and Gotobef is correct on moving the area affected. Immobility makes me hurt worse. I've been in PT for 2 months and actually feel less stiff all over because of it. Gentle stretches work on days I'm hurting to much to exercise. Warm compresses and voltaren gel are helpful to me. But not everyone is alike so treatments aren't always the same for everyone either. I didn't know about the therapeutic healing sleeves, so I'll be looking for those. Thanks Gotobef! I'm in the process of alleviating all our most unhealthy foods from my diet. I just can't do it cold turkey, all at once! 😉 I found out this morning the knots in my neck & shoulders is from my fibro. It's not fun having those massaged out in PT, but the TENS unit (e-stim) is wonderful afterwards. Hugs & prayers you will find helpful solutions that work best for you! 🙂💕🙏🌼

May 11, 2016 11:20 AM

Thank you so much

May 11, 2016 11:33 AM

Jogging is high impact. Personally i cant do it, it hurts my knees and back. Which is why i use an elliptical, then i can do the jogging pace without the jarring impact. But it's probably worth a try. Proper shoes are definitely a must for that.
Cardio is great but don't forget stretching and strength training. All are necessary

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