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new and frustrated

Aug 16, 2014 12:08 PM

Iam new here, not to pan. I have had pain for as long as I remember but its progressed over the last 8 years until Iam on medications I hate and still in constant pain. I have Fibro, bursitis, sciatica, nerve pain in back and down right side. About 7 weeks ago my right shoulder began tingling, like when a limb falls asleep. It worked its way down my arm into fingers. When it first started it wasnt a terriblepain just annoying. Before it got to my fingers my left arm started as well and is now in my fingers as well. The pain, tingeling, burning, numb feelings are horrid. When it gets at its worst all I can do is cry. Iam unable to use my hands and arms like I used to. It seems to be worsening rapidly.I dont know the cause. I see doc soon, hopefully we find out soon. Im terrified. If I loose use of my hands Im useless. My lifes already changed so much due to pain. Its not what I wanted it to be. Iam a mom, with 5 kids still home. I home school, and am working on my Masters. My husband is awesome about everything. I have not let my kids know how bad my hands and arms are or how worried I am. They already worry about me to much and they already help around the house more than any of their friends do. I am scared I wont be able to homeschool if it continues or worsens. I know most people wont understand that and why its so important to me. But it is important. Im also worried I wont finish my school, or be ableto use my degree at all
so anyone have similar pain issues?

Aug 19, 2014 6:35 AM

Please go to a pain clinic, or your GP, ask about Lyrica, it helps heaps with nerve pain, that tingling burning you get in your hands

Aug 19, 2014 8:02 AM

this sounds overly simplistic and indulgent, but you may want to try a massage. I've had that increasing numbness traveling down to my hands and after having a neck and back massage, the symptoms got a LOT better. I know it's hard to justify having a massage when you have kids, but this is more therapeutic, not just for relaxation. sometimes you just sleep wrong and pinch a nerve in your neck or back and that can cause the tingling and numbness. hope you feel better soon!

Aug 19, 2014 10:41 AM

I had a doctor once who always blamed stomach upset as a cause for shoulder and neck pain. He said that there are many nerves in the stomach that end in the shoulder/neck area. Except for the arm/hand pain, I have all of your other symptoms. Only my spasms are on the left side. It is very hard to accept as a way of life. I can say however, this sight has helped to change my attitude, I am not as sarcastic. (Not saying that you are). I think that we can only take one moment at a time, so if you can push through this moment and continue with your studies, then it is all worth it. Keeping busy, as hard as that sounds is most helpful. Your children can only benefit from taking on more responsibilities and caring about you. I hope you get answers. A very helpful sight is the spoon theory or butyoudontlooksick, for moral support.

Aug 19, 2014 3:52 PM

I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome and get hand pain when I do lots of fine motor things e.g. hand writing typing etc. which it sounds like you are doing a lot of as well as pain pretty much everywhere else from one time or another. especially if I do a lot of one thing or another.

It has been explained to me by a doctor that fibromyalgia is doctor speak for unexplained muscle pain (opinions differ on this subject though) and many people in the medical world don't know much about EDS so it's very under diagnosed. Look it up see if it sounds familiar warning be wary of internet diagnosis (you can self diagnose yourself into a panic) but if it's familiar e.g. you performed bendy tricks as a kid it's worth bringing it up with GP I had to bring it to my GP who was skeptical but the specialist confirmed it and no mistake...

Aug 20, 2014 11:46 AM

Lyrica also has less side effects than other nerve pain medicine. It can be pricey but, worthit!

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