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New diagnosis of CLD - Chronic Lyme Disease

Oct 16, 2017 2:41 PM

I am so grateful my insurance paid for me to have a consultation with a functional medicine doctor. All of these years of suffering have been caused by Chronic Lyme Disease. Guessing I got it over 20+ years ago because that’s when fibromyalgia symptoms started. Fibro and Lyme have similar symptoms. Not everyone gets a bullseye rash or knows they have been bit by a tick. The blood test for Lyme disease is very inaccurate and is only correct 47% of the time, per my doctor. This can take many years to recover from if that’s even possible. I also have parasites and mycotoxins.

I am excited to have found a potential cause for my fibro.

I will be starting low dose naltrexone and a compounded nasal spray to start removing the ick from my body.

If you haven’t been checked for lyme, you should. You might be able to find a treatment that will help.

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