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New here and would love to meet people with similar diseases

Jul 06, 2016 3:23 PM

So I just moved to where I am..and I am unable to get any pain medications here and I am.alowly fading and giving up

Jul 06, 2016 5:22 PM

Don't give up! I can understand how you are feeling, I can't take pain medication because of side effects (my kidneys are failing), so I really do understand your pain. It's not easy. Just last week I dislocated my elbow while sleeping, I'm sure someone in the neighborhood heard me cuss when it went back in place later that day. I had just happened to forget it was out and I reached to open the front door and it snapped back in place. It hurt like the very dickens!

I use heat pads, topical medications like Max Freeze, TENS unit, and rest to help my pain. Others here also have some things they use that might help you.

Jul 06, 2016 6:51 PM

Hi April,
Have u got a new GP/Primary who can refer u to a pain clinic to get some help soon? Moving is so stressfull which will make ur pain excentuate... so look after urself hunni... nice warm bath, emulgel, Tiger balm, TENS, acupuncture, massage, reflexology... all help me to cope (not all at once! Hehe) and PMA..... positive mental attitude! Believe that this is just passing phase... and that u will get thru this... and remember, u r not alone 🤗
There are many of us here in the same boat, up that same creek... and noone brought a paddle 😲 but we are all friends here so welcome to the community 😚

Jul 06, 2016 7:37 PM

Hi chronicallyapril, welcome to app! You have a new local doc, yet? Maybe he/she can make some suggestions or send you to PT. I use gentle exercise to stay limber & strong & to lift my spirit. Hot @ cold therapy, sometimes even inversion therapy. Rubs, OTc meds as well as prescription meds. While they help usually, I still have really really bad days. We are here for you to say how you feel & try to help if we can. You are not alone.

Jul 07, 2016 7:18 PM

Welcome to our community ChronicallyApril! Moving is very stressful and time consuming. But you need to take time to find a doctor and be seen. Most doctors in my area are no longer filling pain meds, so they are referring patients to pain specialists. I've had awesome results from epidural steroid injx (ESI's) during 2 years, but the relief has now worn off. I'm allergic to most pain meds so I have to use it meds and pain ointments, along with warm showers, gentle stretches, & gentle exercises like slow treadmill walking, 2 lb hand weights & stretch bands. I also do slow deep breathing & relaxation to soft relaxing music. Hugs & prayers you will find a good doctor, and some suggestions from the community to help you cope better! 🙂💕🙏🌼

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