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new here in group

Oct 18, 2015 10:04 AM

I've been using this app for a year or so and just found the community thing when I updated (I don't update often). I've just noticed how well everyone gets along on here, it is very comforting to see.

Last year I was diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis and I have 3 degenerated discs. I had to go quick bc my husbands insurance policy was due to be cancelled. I went to orthopedic place he goes to bc his Dr is awesome. I never wanted to complain about my pain bc he's had 5 back surgeries and in pain all the time. Well the Dr gave me the epidural in my back, said if it didn't help they would have to do surgery. It helped for almost a year. He gave me perc 10/325. A bottle of 30 would last me 3 months. I also has predisone 20mg I had for my knee that would last about as long.
Too make a long story kinda shorter when I went back to Dr after we got new insurance I had a $3,000+ bill where insurance paid then took back few months later. Big dispute worth my husbands old job. So I had to find another Dr to see about getting another epidural. I had 2 with this other Dr that didn't help, he only tries to relieve pain with non narcotics, which none have helped me. So now I'm waiting to get into va brain and spine.

I hurt from my neck down to my toes. I've also been diagnosed with planter fascitis (?sp). I feel like I have carpal tunnel as well, hard to grab hold of things,wash dishes, stir macaroni and cheese etc. I also wonder about fibro, maybe cervical stenosis. I just want them to figure me out I'm tired of hurting all the time. Anyone else have any of these and/or suggestions to help alleviate the pain.

Sorry so long winded.

Oct 18, 2015 10:15 AM

Rockysbaby, no worries about being "long winded". As you can see by the posts, many of us are!! I want to welcome you to our community family. We are a close knit, zany, loving, caring and understanding bunch and we are here to help where we can. This is a safe place to vent, complain, whine, cry, laugh or just share. There are no judgements here, just good advise, a lot of helpful information and the ability to speak to people who "get it". I have been in pain for 22 years, having 28 surgeries and over a dozen diagnosis of chronic pain causing illnesses that I can never remember all of because of the "Fibro Fog". I have fibromyalgia, DDD, DJD, Bi-lateral Valgus deformities of the knees, long thoracic nerve palsy, TMJ, cervical spondalytic myelopathy, scoliosis, lordosis, SI Joint Disfunction with fractures and like I said, several other things. I hope you find comfort and support here with us and that you stick around. Hang in there, if you need something, one of us will always come running to your aide. Sending you my best wishes and will keep you in my prayers. 🌻🙏🏻

Oct 18, 2015 10:22 AM

Thank you so much. All of you are in my prayers as well.

Oct 18, 2015 8:39 PM

Welcome Rockysbaby! I'm sorry to hear about the insurance mess. We had BCBS last year and they paid everything and then suddenly in June reversed all payments making a complete mess of everyone's coverage for the whole year. We changed to another company this year, though it's costing $140 more a month; it's worth every penny! If you have to, get a lawyer involved on the bill against the insurance.

I have DDD, osteopenia, osteoarthritis, anemia, TMJD, fibromyalgia, memory loss, Sjogrens, asthma & allergies, vascular issues in pelvis and legs, migraines & other headaches, hypothyroidism, cervical fusions, sciatica & parasthesias, degeneration of C2-3, C7-T2, T11-12,L2, L4-S1; bulges, treats, facet issues, and many other issues. I've had cts surgery on my right hand but I'm now back in splints on both hands. I use Voltaren gel, Tylenol Arthritis, Tramadol, Parafon forte, plaquenil, levothyroxine, liothyronine, and of course meds for depression & anxiety (along for the ride of all the other problems); all for issues listed above. I use heat and rice socks frozen (not as cold as ice), hand gloves (crafting) to keep warm, I take vitamin supplements D3, calcium, magnesium, & iron.

II have learned to pace everything I do, allowing rest in between each activity, whether cooking or doc appt. I walk with a cane due to dizziness & imbalance, and sometimes a walker or motorized cart. I walk 10-20 minutes on a treadmill at least 3 days a week, trying not to be sedentary; depending on if it's a gold or bad pain day & previous activities that day. I try to walk outside in my back yard when it's good weather. If I overdo it I rest extra the next day, and I never breast myself up over what I did or didn't do.

I love this community and everyone here. We've become like family. I pray for everyone's needs, and now you're added to my list. I oppose you find as much support and advice as I have. Hugs & a prayer your issues will be addressed sooner rather than later, so you can get some relief. 🙏🌼

Oct 26, 2015 4:15 AM

@ rockysbaby Welcome to the group!!!! I have fibromyalgia and so much more that it gets exausting just thinking about it. Lol we truly do understand and can relate to what you are dealing with. If we can be of any kind of help at all just let us know, my main focus these days is making day by day. Many blessings sent your way and prayers for pain relief are said for everyone. God Bless! !!

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