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New here searching for any help...

Jul 31, 2015 11:06 PM

Hey there everyone I've been dealing with some chronic pain now nice I was 18 years old. I am now 23. I've been to so so many doctors and they have all told me re same thing "you have fibromyalgia" but I do think it's a blanket term because I only have pain in my back. I don't get any relief and I've learned to just accept the pain in my back is part of life. Except now it's affecting my social and work life. I work as a emt and depend on my back for most of my jobs. I also dread going out with friends because half way through the night my back flares up and I just want to go home. It's no longer fun. The only thing that really helps the pain is norco but I don't want to rely on it. I've tried the heat and the stretching. And nothing seems to help me. I was just wondering if anyone had any drug recommendations that didn't involve narcotics? I'm not even sure how to bring up pain management with my doctor because I feel like she thinks I'm just making it all up. Anyway any help would be appreciated!

Jul 31, 2015 11:34 PM

With back pain, it often involves nerves and they will often use Gabapentin, brand name is Neurontin, it works as an anti-inflammatory for nerves. It has proved very helpful for people with back pain.

As you may know, pain medication doesn't take away the cause of pain. It controls endorphins and affects how we feel about the pain. So when we are in pain, a doctor will often prescribe a anti-depressant. I am taking cymbalta which is known for mood elevation and pain relief. I have enjoyed my use of it. I have endured extreme pain lately but you know how you get so wiped out you just need a break in order to go on surviving the situation you are in. I was not getting that before cymbalta. With it, it has allowed me to refresh myself to deal with the pain some more and I have been happier even though my pain hasn't changed a lot. It just changed how I feel about it and deal with it.

Another thing that worked real well for me and I am going to buy another one because I lost mine is a T.E.N.S unit. It blocks pain signals to your brain so you don't feel them. It is most affective if you visit a physical therapist and learn the nerves you are trying to block because you to pout the pads between your pain site (before it) and between your nerve that leads to your brain. It is very affective. If it works. You could get a permanent one implanted in your back that works by remote control. These are some things that I know.

Also, there is a great spray called biofreeze. It works very well. I also use those thermacare belts for your back which is like a portable heating pad. They are awesome.

Swimming helps along with hot tubs to relax the muscles. Swimming for low impact exercise.

Aug 01, 2015 12:04 AM

I have a lot of pain, but because of my age (14) most docs ignore me about back/shoulder/neck pain. I am about to try using a hammock to see if it prevents some of the pain. I tale a ton of herbal/alternative or over the counter meds. Here are a few that might help.
Magnolia Bark extract -good painkiller in general
Garlic - chew it, and it helps with most types of pain
Tumeric- in water, treats bad bit helps
Kava kava root - a muscle relaxer traditionally used as a tea, also antibacterial.
Low dose Naltrexone - helps your body make more of its own natural painkillers
DMSO - technically an "industrial solvent" (keep in mind water is also an industrial solvent), it can help with being able to move. When I started taking it, I got out of a wheelchair.
Gallium - increases bone density, helps heal rashes
Iodine - just eat seaweed, or use betadine, either way works
Menthol/Aspirin creams- can smell like candy, and feel like a sunburn, but helps when I have a lot of shoulder pain.
Good luck!

Aug 01, 2015 9:52 AM

Crisemt, welcome to the community! If your pain is only in your back it may not be fibro. Go to www.living-smater-with-fibromyalgia.com & www.fmnetnews.com to see if you feel your doc is right or not. Working as an EMT you likely have disc issues going on, from lifting the patients. Have you tried seeing a chiropractor or orthopedist? There are non invasive ways to treat disc issues, provided they aren't severely compressing nerves. I use voltaren gel but I've also had biofreeze. I have a TENS unit. I've had epidural steroid injections (ESI's) all down my back, and its brought better long term spine and headache relief. If you need a referral be assertive and demand your doc refer you out. If not, ask around and get an appt with a good Ortho or chiropractor doc. Good luck finding out what's going on and getting relief for it! I'll be praying for you. 🙏🌼

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