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New member

Feb 05, 2018 6:38 AM

Hi everyone just been diagnosed today with fibromyalgia at the moment don't know if I am relieved that it is real or upset that I have it

Feb 05, 2018 6:47 AM

It must be really difficult having just been diagnosed. I remember when I was diagnosed with my pain condition and it really destroyed me. It can be a real roller coaster when you first get diagnosed going between happy that it's real and sad that you have it but after a while you come to terms with it and you and your doctor will work together to help you live better

Feb 05, 2018 7:18 AM

Welcome to the community dratini. I'm sorry you have fibro, I do to. If you have any questions feel free to ask away.

Feb 05, 2018 7:29 AM

Thank you, yes it's been a struggle getting diagnosed as I have had brain surgery and they kept blaming that.

Feb 05, 2018 3:30 PM

I'm glad that they've come to an answer that it seems you're more happy with. Doctors cam sometimes get stuck on one diagnosis and fail to see the big picture, it's what makes them just as human as us but hopefully now you can begin any medications or therapies you may need. Some need physiotherapy others need hydrotherapy, and some need CBT others need counselling some people don't need many or any therapies and others need a lot of them but the aim is always the same. Improving quality of life. There are lots of people here with various experiences so any questions you ask people will try to answer.
I hope your pain isn't too bad today
Gentle hugs

Feb 05, 2018 6:53 PM

Welcome to the group. I think it is better to know then you can hit it straight on. Always nice to know what you are up against. You have a great group of caring people here. All questions and rants are welcome.

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