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New Symptom..

Dec 05, 2016 4:49 PM

I've been having the hardest time with temperatures fluctuation. One min I'm hot in sweats the next like 10 mins later I'm a ice cube. My hands and feet act as if they nit even attached to my body. My arms legs bidy are warm but hands and feet are ice cubes. My dr says she doesn't feel this is a hormonal issue so I'm left with fibromayalgia. I'm currently sitting under two blankets and two heat pads trying to get warm what does anyone else do with this symptom?

Dec 05, 2016 6:48 PM

Hot tea and big fuzzy slippers.
I find that if i can keep my feet and hands warm i don't get so cold overall. I also find that applying heat to the rest of my body can be dangerous if it's not cold too as it can cause overheating, which i won't notice until im sick because i dont sweat.
I have a box of each hand warmers and toe warmers, those disposable ones. I use them a lot. I always have a hot drink, mostly to hold on to.
Once you are allowed to bath a nice hot epsom salt bath will help a little.
Gloves or mitts, even indoors. Thick hiking socks, fuzzy socks or winter socks... i wear them in the summer if i am going somewhere that has air conditioning. I never go bare feet, they get cold fast and it takes external heat to warm them back up.
Look up Raynauds, its a circulatory issue, might not be what it happening with you (or me, they tell me is just fibro but i don't believe them) but some of the tips for daily life are very helpful

Dec 05, 2016 7:26 PM

Fingerless gloves are my friends. Warm hunting socks, insulated slippers, fuzzy bath robe, any thing warm. I've had Rynaulds all my life.

Dec 05, 2016 8:23 PM

Newfibrogirl after all you had done and the hysterectomy it IS hormonal.. that is what happens to me in menopause and many other women. It sucks.. get used to it, it may be around for a while. {{{Hugs}}}💕😊

Dec 05, 2016 8:46 PM

I'm sure there are a lot of things I'm gonna discover about my new body once I heal up. Family has it in there mind that the tumors were the soul cause of all my symptoms and have it in there mind that I'll be cured. Now as awesome as that would be. I already know it's not so I'm kind of back in thst isolated area of having to deal with any new issues on my own because they don't want to deal with the reality of continuing problems.

Dec 05, 2016 9:13 PM

I have raynauds syndrome and my doctor prescribed a high blood pressure medication to treat it even though I don't have high blood pressure. I'm on amlodapine (if I spelled that right) and it's helped a great deal. I still deal with it slightly especially if i dont take the medication on time because i forgot but it's helped alot. He didn't want to use the medication unless it was a chronic problem and I told him it happens daily. My toes, fingertips, knees, and nose would freeze mainly at night even if it was 99 f° outside. But if I covered up I overheated the rest of me. Toe socks have helped. But my main helps have been compression crafters gloves I got at joans fabric store. They are supposed to help with arthritis and using hands alot for knitting and crafting but it's helped me with my coldness and the tips of the fingers are cut off like fingerless gloves but it provides a nice compression. Also yoga socks. I could link to the kind I got if ud like because they are also like fingerless gloves. The toes are cut off. But they provide a small compression barely noticeable. Enough to help but not enough to be uncomfortable. And before when my toes were ice cold to the touch they are a nice red and warm when I wear the socks. That's helped alot.

Dec 05, 2016 10:06 PM

I have Raynaud's as well. I'm always in slippers and fingerless gloves. I have blood pressure meds for it but I'm already on so much medication for lupus I don't want to take more. Lupus causes Temp issues for me too.

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