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Oct 20, 2015 7:03 AM

Hi yall. I'm new to this app so I'm not sure where to start. But ever since I was 8 I've had serve pain starting in my legs. Just last year I started seeing a rhematogist (I can never spell that no matter how many times I look it up) I'm now 25 years old. My doc diagnosed me with RA and fibromylia and told me I prolly had juvenile ra and picked fibro up along the way. Well I have recently moved out of state to colorado and am now with out health insurance. And was curious if anybody new any good home pain remedies. I of course have many of my own. But as the older I get the more pain I get and just need some help dealing with the extra pain of being off all of my meds. Any input would be wonderful. Thanks

Oct 20, 2015 7:24 AM

Other than legal marijuana in CO, I'm not framiliar with home remedies. I wanted to welcome you. There are many great people in this community that will have great advice and encouraging words. I really hope you can find some relief. You are too young to be suffering like this. I am very sorry. Does CO have Medicaid? Could you qualify for that? Not everyone wants that insurance. I just worry that you being so young, in pain and no insurance. You are in my prayers! Blessings ✌️

Oct 20, 2015 7:28 AM

I have a family member that is gonna show me out to make marijuana pills. She said she uses them for her pain and that helps her. She assured me I won't get the high from it. But for now I'm just sticking with hot baths and tiger balm lol. Thank you. And I'm not sure about the other medical insurances yet I've always had an employer that gives me very good health insurance so I guess I'm just learning how everything works.

Oct 20, 2015 7:36 AM

I once tried a medical marijuana cookie. My god I thought I was going to die lol I'm pretty sure I'm actually allergic to something in Mary Jane. My aunt had a stroke last year and she uses the hemp oil. I believe they remove the thc or something? I can understand learning the ropes but what a way to have to learn them. You might try contacting the department of health and human services in your town/county. Depending on your situation you may qualify for Medicaid. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get everything sorted. ✌️

Oct 20, 2015 7:37 AM

Right never been a big fan of the stuff. But something has to give. Thank you

Oct 20, 2015 7:44 AM

My chronic pain started at 22, I don't have RA but I would be willing to bet it's not fun and is not a feel good kind of disease. If there are any? I am still struggling with doctors that will listen to me and order the right tests. I have yet to officially be diagnosed with Fibro but have been told by 2 doctors I have it then 2 more who said it doesn't exist. I'm also a pretty shy and timid person and that doesn't help matters. I am now 44 and have very little quality of life. As my DDD and scoliosis have gotten worse with age it's harder to manage. My best advice is if you find a doctor and they don't listen or diminish you, fire them and don't give up until you find the right doctor for you. Life is too short to be in agony all the time. Fortunately I have kids and furry friends so I'm never alone and they make me smile or laugh at times. Not all bad :) ✌️

Oct 20, 2015 7:50 AM

I'm sorry to hear that. My rhematogist in oklahoma was fantastic. Luckily. But I want to have a baby soon so he wouldn't put me on alot of meds because ra meds are very harsh. So I have yet to find accurate pain relief and didn't notice that the meds I was on took away any pain tell I wasn't on them any more. Luckily I've learned to just push thru it and still have pretty active life. Though I keep gaining weight and don't have the motivation to to get it under control. I use up all my energy at work.

Oct 20, 2015 7:52 AM

Hi Sokriom! I just joined a couple of weeks ago and this group has been so amazing! I feel that God led me here. I too have RA and fibromyalgia, as well as multiple other problems. We pray for each other here. I will pray for you this morning hun. As far as home remedies, please be sure that you take magnesium daily. I can tell a huge difference if I fail to take it. Also, Epsom salt baths. I sometimes take 2-3 a day to help with my pain too. Do you have a rheumatologist in Colorado yet? I am guessing that you may not since you have no insurance yet. There are programs to assist with meds it's just going to be getting you connected somehow, whether it be through the web, reaching out through facebook, or getting connected with your social security office. My brother was given several resources for help from there. (He had to finally give in to leaving a lifetime job he loved due to psoriatic arthritis and sarcoidosis) Even if you aren't drawing disability, they should be able to connect you with resources to help. Also, many medications have a prgram where they will pay part or all of the medications too. I hope this will help a little. I hope and pray that your pain stays at a managable level at least until you can get insurance again. Please keep us posted and we will be here for you. I wish I knew of some other things to help with your pain, but if it gets unbearable, talk it out here and we will pray. God bless you.

Oct 20, 2015 8:03 AM

Thank you I have never heard of the magnesium before. I don't if I don't take my vitamin d it can get pretty bad. And I'm with you on the Epson salt baths. My new house doesn't have as big of a tub now tho which is a sad day

Oct 20, 2015 8:25 AM

Okay so you're planning on having a baby? It is hard work but the best job you will ever have! I was blessed with a miracle baby at 41, I was told I couldn't have more children many years back. Boy were they wrong! My doctor also has me taking Vitamin D I'm up to 6000 iu daily. As well as potassium chloride. I'm honestly not completely sure if I've felt any improvement from either. Oh those are great ideas Sleeping beauty! I didn't even think of the SS administration. They helped me with my extra medical expenses. Because I receive SSDI and am considered low income I automatically qualified for extra help. They do have a lot of resources as does Medicare.

We have a claw foot tub, it's hard to get in and out of for me. I only take hot soaking Epsom salt baths when I'm desperate. I have a strange thing with taking baths. I'm just nutty like that.

Oct 20, 2015 8:38 AM

Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that. My bath is my favorite place besides my bed, lol. But seriously, I'm a big proprietor of researching the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that could be amiss. I always check with my dr before adding them though. Everyone is different. Just like you and your vitamin D, I have to have lots of b-vitamins. Lots of B-12, B-complex, Biotin. I also take probiotics, omega and melatonin along with my magnesium. Magnesium is replenished through your skin when you take epsom baths. That's part of why they help so much. With fibro and RA both, sleep is so important. I struggle with that. I'm either sleeping for most of the day or hardly at all. I've learned to take the melatonin every night either way though. It kind of evens out some when I do. If you take any suppliments though, try to get those without added sugars or glutens. Sugar causes more inflamation with my RA than anything
And glutens and processed foods cause me more trouble with the fibro. Again, everyone is different though. You know your body best.

Oct 20, 2015 8:50 AM

Oh yes I want a baby so bad! My fiance and I have been together since we were 13 and we're gettin married next fall. I have had baby fever for about 4 years now and we started tryin in February. No luck yet lol. No one in my family has had a baby past age 24 so it makes me nervous but I think it's just nerves. And I would oh so so love a tub like that. Had one when I was younger it was hard for me to get out of then I can only imagine now but I do love my Epsom baths.

And I go thru stages with my sleep. I'll either sleep all the time for like 4 months then the next 4 month I can sleep but wake up multiple times then the next 4 I'm lucky to get 2 or 3 hours a night. I work nights to so I'm sure that doesn't help. But I had a nurse at one of the jails I worked told me about Valarian (spelling?) Root. It's like a natural muscle relaxer. But you can still function on it. It does make me kinda weak tho. But when my back is acting up I really seems to help. The capsules smell soooooo bad tho lol

Oct 20, 2015 8:51 AM

Sokriem, welcome to our community family. I am sorry to hear that you are in Such pain. I do not have RA but over a dozen other diagnosis that are the cause of level 8 pain for the last 22 years. Aside for the supplements, you may want to check into essential oils, put rice in a sock or make a sachel and put it in the microwave or the freezer. It's cheaper than buying and it works cold sad hot (I learned that one from my fellow pain warrior Flappsylady and others here use it too), you may want to try gentle stretching, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and most of all, try to get the best sleep you can because rest is difficult when you are in such pain and is just that much more difficult to handle the pain. Also, as previously suggested, medical marijuana. You can get the edibles of you don't want to smoke or vape. I hope you can get the insurance sorted out. Call on your local govt office and they will have phone numbers to resources that can help you. I hope that you find the support and information you need here with our zany, wonderful pain family. It's a safe place come and vent, cry, laugh, share, rant, whatever and you will never be judged. We all understand and are here to help one another. Also, know that you are never alone. If you're having a bad day/night, you come here and there's always someone who will come running to the rescue (well, perhaps walking fast... Or trying to. LOLL) but we're here just the same. I wish you well and will keep you in my prayers.🌻🙏🏻

Oct 20, 2015 8:55 AM

Thank you very much. I have lots of different heat/ice packs. I must say I have never tried the rice one tho. Heard of it before tho. Strenching usually helps too.

Oct 20, 2015 9:00 AM

Oh man valerian stinks, I take it sometimes until I build up a resistance to it, then i take a break from it. I think it's dirty socks that it smells like. Btw Valerian root comes from the same plant that is used to make Valium. Which I take for my tension headaches and it helps.

Oct 20, 2015 9:01 AM

Omg dirty socks was what I thought the first time too! And I did not no that! Who knew

Oct 20, 2015 9:16 AM

Thanks, Anonymous, you taught me something new!! I had no idea that Valium actually came from a plant. I love coming here and learning things along the way. I hope everyone had a peaceful night and that today is a day with less pain. Hugs and prayers to you all!!🙏🏻🌻

Oct 21, 2015 1:00 PM

Welcome to the community Sokrierm! I'm sorry you are hurting and have no access to care via insurance. That makes getting any care difficult to impossible. I can't add anything others haven't suggested already, except I wear gloves for my arthritis to keep my hands warm. They have open fingertips which allows me to text and type. I'll keep you in my prayers. Good luck finding alternative treatments! 🙏🌼

Oct 21, 2015 1:16 PM

Hello & welcome, I can't suggest anything to help but wanted to say hi ☺

Oct 21, 2015 1:48 PM

Hi Sokriem, welcome. You've gotten some great advice already, and I hope you can get the mj pills, it helps for a lot of my connective tissue/nerve related pain. Some people say the compounds in Valium and Valerian root act similarly but Valium is entirely synthetic, it doesn't come from a plant. I used to use a tincture of Valerian that worked very well made by Zand. It was preserved in alcohol which I think masked the taste and smell a little but you can also find alcohol free tinctures. I put 10-20 drops in hot water before bed, held my nose and chased with water--quick and effective. I've just started using a powdered form of calcium magnesium that I hope will help. Sleep is a huge challenge for so many of us! Welcome welcome.

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