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Newbie on here saying hey

Jul 13, 2016 6:10 PM

Well hi all!

Maddie from Sweden here got the fibromyalgia diagnosis 3 or 4 years ago now I think (fibromyalgia brain)

It all started with pains in my legs from the knee down as I was in soo bad pains I went to my local doc he thought it just was some inflammation so he told me to go home take aspirin and just rest pain went away for a lil while but at work one day it started up again but now legs knee down and arms elbow down.

Walked back in to my doctors office and the thought well mabye Rumatism but no so they put me on something called (here) kortison wich I later got to know you have to get off slowly but doc didn't tell me any who pains got worse and in more places.

Started noticing on the bus to work that if ppl sat next to me I got shooting pains all across my body and yes I wanted to screeeeam.

So yet again back to doc who said well I think we have to send u to a specialist in pains and thank god he did send me there.
I don't think I could have handled more visits to doctors at the local doctors office cuz at the specialist in pain they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia in just 2 visits (Doctor,nurse, work therapist and a psychologist )
Diagnosis only took me 2 years to get.

They helped me a lot over the months I went there and to me they are worth theire weight in gold.
How ever due to me working at a preschool I couldn't keep going back there as I can't afford Beeing of work.

I remember just thinking why me I'm just 27-28 years old how the hell is this happening to me?
Tho I was carrying a lot of stress due to my dad getting his MS diagnosis and everything just came tumbling down.

Any who so sorry for a long intro about me lol
I'm as Said maddie from Sweden I'm 31 going on 32 in the fall , live with my husband to be , our two dogs and fishies.
Been through a lot in life.
Done a gbp (overweight surgery) weighed in at 185 kg , taken my gallbladder out and I was diagnosed wit pcos as well I'm just one walking problem ;p

Big hugs to you all and if you got this far thanks a bunch for reading it :) ❤️

Jul 13, 2016 6:20 PM

Hello. I got fibro too. You'll get all the support you need on here. Great bunch of people, really helped me alot. Didn't want to burden my family with it all and wanted to talk to people who would understand a bit better with what I was going through every day. X

Jul 13, 2016 6:24 PM

Scrossy: i know how that feels.
My family, friends and hubby had Been awsome and really careing.
My family has all kinds of medical issues so we kind of know how the others feel, but sometimes you still Dont want to burden ppl with the pains.

Even tho My fibro im a tough cookie and do allot of things and fight day by day and put on My happy face.

Big Hugs

Jul 13, 2016 7:32 PM

Welcome to the community family Foxypanda84! Yes fibro seems to be so cruel to so many young people. I'm 54 and have been battling with it since 2007, and a long list of other chronic pain issues. Each of us is different, as is our methods for coping. But you'll always find support here simply because we understand what living with chronic pain conditions is like.

I had to leave work in 2010 for unrelated surgery (complicated 5 in 1) and haven't been able to return. As a matter of fact it's as if a dam burst and a whole lot of other problems jumped on board my runaway health train, headed downhill! Lol. Regardless of my problems I try to stay positive and look for the best, along with having very strong faith in God. It took me 4-5 years of trying different meds, trying suggestions from others, and being open minded, for me to find my best coping methods. I stretch gently, walk a treadmill & use 1-2 lb handweights, take warm showers, do deep breathing relaxation, hear packs & pain ointment (rx), muscle relaxers, Tylenol arthritis (tramadol only in 7-8 pain level), and such I can't remember at this moment. It's important to learn the signals your body will give off what to do or not do, when to rest, etc. Peace every activity with rest periods in between.

Finding this community where we can all talk without being judged (except the occasional few who are scammers, spammers, or just out right rude & crude-not here for help or to offer help), where we can all find support; it's been a lifeline from the depression that felt like quicksand pulling me under.
We love and care for each other, laugh & cry together, provide prayers or positive energy, whatever we can... because this is our safe haven, our safe family. So welcome again! Hugs love & prayers you will find your best coping methods from AOL the suggestions everyone can provide! 🙂💕🙏🌸

Jul 13, 2016 7:45 PM

Thank you FlappsyLady81:)

I got to try cymbalta and IT Worked for me for 2 houers i fell asleep and then i woke up as Said 2 houers later with the worst stomach Pain ive Ever had and turning my stomach inside out all that came out was blood scaered the life out of me so I never took them again :(
Got me so freaked out I didn't want to try anything again so I live my life from day to day and try just doing the best I can.

My bosses are so nice and have understood that I really can't worke more than part time so I'm happy they understand and days I feel like I can go an extra houer or work an extra day I do so but its not that often.
I work 5- 6 houer days 4 days a week so it's ok.

Tho I am soooooo drained when I get home but I try walking my dogs those days I don't hurt to bad in my hands and do housework in my one pace.

Gona try going back to the gym now that I have 3 more weeks of vacation and se if that can put me on track again.

But as said I don't let the fibro hold me back I still go on cruises (when money allows;p) kareoke with my best friends and movies with my hubby and go to work and spend time with all amazing kids (working at a preschool for deaf, hearing impaired and special needs children)

And thanks again for taking me in to your family guys ❤️❤️

Jul 13, 2016 8:55 PM

That's good to hear. We have to try and enjoy as much of life as we're can. I'd love to be working but my path is a different one now. Cymbalta cause suicidal ideations with me & withdrawals were awful! I have major pain & psych meds allergies so I tolerate my pain up to a 7... then it's 😲😫 Enjoy a cruise for me! With vertigo now it's never be able to handle the motion. Lol 😉

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