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Newbie only been diagnosed with fibromyalgia last week

Apr 02, 2016 5:49 PM

Hey was wondering if any one got tips for the heave sore tingly burning inside the bones feeling can hardly hold phone up to type this

Apr 02, 2016 8:53 PM

Welcome Fibrosucks! I believe what you are describing may be neuropathies. I have fibro also, but my neuropathies only string, tingle, and burn the nerves and soft tissue. I'm on gabapentin for mine and it does help some; reduced strength of symptoms. I have Sjogrens that actually makes me hurt deeper, like in bone-depth. Fibro tends to hurt deep in my muscles. I also have arthritis, down my spine, knees, hips, and now in my hands.

Stretches & massages (voltaren gel rx) tend to help with the fibro cramps and muscle pain. Warm showers most of the time help with stiffness (not today though). I have muscle relaxers for night leg cramps & back spasms. I have an old wand massager that helps with the shoulders and upper back. And I had aTENS unit, but need a replacement. I opted this is helpful. Hugs & prayers you find ways to best cope for you. We are all different. 🙂💕🙏🌼


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