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Newly diagnosed

Mar 06, 2016 6:51 PM

I'm kinda newly diagnosed with Fibro. I was diagnosed years ago buy no Doctor has ever taken it serious. I was just diagnosed again 3 weeks ago. I'm afraid my Dr isn't going to take it serious again. What type of specialist do I need to ask to see?? I can't live with this pain anymore & all they want yo do is give me medications which I don't want. I also have sleep apnea, insomnia, anxiety, depression & mood disorder, ADHD, OCD. I'm in so much pain the last 2 days it's been horrible & nobody around me takes it serious. I'm so frustrated!! Any direction would be appreciated!! Without serious meds would be great! I can't take any pain meds! I have 5 children & its just getting harder & harder.

Mar 06, 2016 6:56 PM

I'm also trying to get SSI. Any advice on what needs to be written? I've been fighting it since 2009. My Fibro Fog has also gotten so much worse!! Any ideas for help with that??

Mar 06, 2016 7:00 PM

First let me say welcome and I'm sorry your in so much pain. Next I'll say I was and am still like you. I ran from meds like the plague. But if your pain has gotten. Out of control like it sounds like it has you are gonna need some sort of medicine to help gain some relief. I'm sorry your Dr did not treat you well but I pray u find one or several who will. Your gonna need several different doctors to help gain contrt of your life and pain. Medicine is not gonna affect your child as much as bet in cconstant pain will.

Mar 06, 2016 7:07 PM

Thank you. I guess I should have said I can't take pain meds bcus of a medication I'm currently on that I can't stop taking. The Dr gave me muscle relaxers but I'll take them at night a few nights then the pain will subside, then I don't take it but then I can't sleep. It's luke this vicious cycle that I can't get out of. From reading other posts I'm guessing I need to find a Rheumatologist to help diagnose this. I have all the symptoms & the fog is horrible, it's causing issues in my life in a big way, even in my relationship. My fiance will say he told me something & I'll swear he didn't & we fight. & the pain is so bad that its hard to keep up with kids & the house work & he just thinks I'm lazy buy I'm not. I hate this!!

Mar 06, 2016 7:23 PM

I'm.sorry for the misunderstanding. I also have some medince restrictions but your doctor will be able to find a medication that u can take. Your goal is to gain relief so u can function in your life. And I'm sure you will find that. It will probably take a little longer for you like it has for me. But you will get there. I know the fog is evil. May I suggest you and your fiance gatjer information on your diagnosis together and as far as your communication breakdown try using either a joint calendar and see reminders if u have a smart phone u can link your calendars and he can write things down as well as u and it will show up on both calendars. I use reminders and alarms as a staple for me its gonna be a life style.change for both of u but with a little work and a lot of understanding you can do it.

Mar 06, 2016 8:21 PM

Thank you so much! I've been trying to talk about it more to him so he starts to accept it. I think 2mrw I will send him a few links to websites that hopefully he will read & I'll ask him if we can go over it together! You have been a lot of help & I appreciate it!!

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