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Not a Helpless Victim

Dec 27, 2015 1:52 PM

Too many times have I heard. You can't. Or you shouldn't or you won't be able to... Asking for what seems a simple favor making some one boil over screaming at me couldn't you go one day without asking me to do something for you! I bet you can't. *Reasons why I push myself until I can't.* I am no one's burden I rather die alone in agonizing pain in an alley somewhere than to feel like I'm a burden. -Why are you always sick. -Something's always wrong with you. -Can you just choose one disease sheesh! All things that have been spoken to me out of frustration or Lord knows what. All family. I don't even talk about this with friends out of fear I'll make things awkward and fear they'll start treating me like a fragile glass doll. I'm not a victim I'm not helpless I might not be able to run the race but darn it I'll crawl to the finish line! 💔😞😢 better days where are you....

Dec 27, 2015 4:33 PM

To be honest some of my friends understand better than my close family (or so it seems). I think family gets so frustrated because it is always there, just like we ourselves get frustrated with it. Friends don't have to deal with it day in and day out, so sometimes are good to talking to when you are having a bad day. Plus the ones who really care about you already know you have problems, and love you anyways.

Dec 27, 2015 4:45 PM

Dreams and Raven, I completely understand. I am estranged from my biological family right now, ( its a long story) and friends are few and far between. I have found that since I can longer give and serve, or " help" them through their "diseases", I have been removed from their lives. But I do have my BFF and her family, and my husband. I am grateful for them.

Dec 27, 2015 6:59 PM

My friends or the few I consider friends know but we honestly don't talk about it. I guess it's my fault I feel like I want to be normal so I avoid talking about it when they bring it up I glide over it and suger coat things. Because life is though already I want to talk to a friend to feel better tho take my mind off things. Not bring up my hopeless situation of endless diseases. They don't know what to say. Well wishes and hopes that scans and test come back normal is all they can offer and instead of feeling better I feel like I'm complaining and they feel sorry for me even if they don't say it .I Feel it and I don't need that, so I avoid talking about any of it! and I don't know. I guess it's just an internal battle within myself. I just hate feeling like I'm looked at add a victim our someone to be pitied... Basically I live in denial handling the emotional toll of it all on my own.

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