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nucynta anyone??

Oct 29, 2017 2:07 AM

Hi, my neurologist has offered to put me on Nucynta. I currently take more of a break thru pain narcotic at this time. Has anyone tried it? And what were your results with it? I'm trying to figure out just how habitual or addictive it is. How hard it is to get off. And if it works? It's longer acting so I'm feeling it might be a good switch.

Nov 05, 2017 8:15 PM

I have been taking it for a couple of years now. Over time, as pain progresses, my dosage has increased and I take two 200mg extended release (one in the am/one pm) then I have a 75mg for break thru pain that I can take with it. I don't have a problem with it except for it's not always easy to find (at least where I live because not a lot of people take it so pharmacies don't stock it). The 150 mg ER dose is mfg in Puerto Rico and is not available. It's also very expensive unless you have good ins. (My copay makes it only $35-$40 but they would be over $900 each for 30 days supply). I am pleased at how they maintain my pain without making me feel like I'm "hooked" but I take a lot of it because I don't like the alternatives.

Nov 09, 2017 11:55 PM

I like Nucynta a lot but than it’s not like I have much choice since I have allergic reaction to other opioid meds. In terms of pain relief, it works very well for me and I’ve been on it for 5-6 years. I take one 100 mg ER tab in am and one pm and 50 mg tab one for any breakthrough pain as needed. But do not be decieved, these pills are opioids after all and are very difficult to get off of. I tried to last year and while I did succeed in weening myself off, it wasn’t easy at all. However I was in so much pain and my quality of life was nonexistant that I requested to be given the drugs back. I felt like I was a part of an experiment, a number game, to see if “we can get another druggie of the books”. Who cares if it leaves me in pain?! So the point of the story is that yes, eventually, you will get addicted but Nucynta works really well in combating pain. The only side effect I had is to normal Nucynta is itchy skin, no reaction to ER.

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