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Oh jolly pain

Sep 01, 2014 2:34 AM

my pain varies from day to day and different activities affect me differently. like this morning my partner had to cut my toast for me as it was too hard, sometimes it's like my insides go missing and I am just a shell feeling all weak to do anything. I use to be able to go out dancing, I can do this but I cannot wear heels or stay out too late any more, I pay the price in pain for 3 day +. I get constant back ache. I have been diagnosed by two people with hypermobility or firbromalgia. I have low vit D which I am on tablets for, I thought this would cure my symptoms but it hasn't so I far maybe it is fibro and not just a vitimin deficiency. I really don't know anymore, but this site is good to log my pain, so when I next visit the dos he can understand instead of me babbling and sounding mainly like a complainer.

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