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Opioid therapy for chronic pain

Nov 28, 2014 3:22 AM

Hi everyone
I've been living with severe back pain for almost nine years. For eight years I have been on strong narcotics without any problems. Now I have to go to a clinic for my meds, and they want to stop opioid therapy. Any way to continue my medication? The meds seam to work well for me. Any insight would be great. Thanks

Nov 28, 2014 3:38 AM

Can't comment on pain meds, sorry. But just stared a chronic pain management course. Essentially mindfulness for pain with medical info on how body processes pain. Been reading book called mindfulness for health (burch & penman)

Nov 30, 2014 10:24 AM

Butrans patches have been a life saver as I hated oral meds....

Dec 01, 2014 7:48 PM

I'm Goin through the same thing now trying to fight my Dr because oxycodone and DIAZAPAM work for me but Dr being an ass 8 years starting on 9 th year

Dec 01, 2014 9:53 PM

I would hope your doctor isn't just saying no more narcotics and not allowing you to wean yourself from them and replace the opiates with something else. Cutting you off opiates cold turkey is risky and can lead to stroke or heart attack.

There are problems with long term use of opiates and it has nothing to do with opiate abuse, its the fact that they can actually be the cause of your pain. There is some chemical change in your brain that happens with using opiates, your body will stop producing its own opiate like enzyme when you are using opiates for long term or high doses. This will lead to increased pain and therefore using the opiates can be counter productive. So it might be in your best interest to stop using opiates if they are not working as good as they use to.

Dec 01, 2014 10:00 PM

I am not going to say that the mindfulness or meditations courses don't work for improving mind and body in an indirect way because many people have said it has been a benefit for them.

I went through a mindfulness/meditation course for chronic pain and it had absolutely no impact on my pain and many of the people in my class saw absolutely no improvement of their pain issues. They may have found some mental benefits as it teaches people to live in the now so that you worry less about the past and future, therefore you have less stress in your life. That is how they connect the reduction of pain through having less stress as their studies show your pain levels increase when you are in stress, especially bad stresses.

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