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Options for Hyperlordosis and Spondylosis

Apr 06, 2017 1:58 PM

Hello everyone! I am new here, just joined yesterday. I have quite a bit of history so please stick with me here.
I was very active growing up, played many sports until Junior high school. I began having severe back and hip pain. It was then discovered I had a lumbar hyperlordosis curvature in my spine and hip dysplasia.
When I was 17 I began seeing a pain specialist. Due to me having to quit sports I gained some weight. (Weighed 210 around age 18. 5 ft 6. I was 5 foot 8 at age 13 but due to the curve progressing I am now 5 ft 5 at age 23)
I had multiple hip injections and spinal injections. When I was 18 I had a "lumbarsacral rhizotomy" where the used a heat laser to burn some nerve endings. Since then the nerves have grown back.
Also at age 18 I was told I had lumbarsacral spondylosis. Which from my understanding is basically moderate-severe osteoarthritis of the spine.

I had to quit nursing and now my activity is very limiting. I'm a full time college student but deal with a lot of pain. I can't run, jump, twist or bend very well. Nor can I sit or stand for very long. I saw an orthopedic dr at age 20 who told me if I hadn't gained weight I wouldn't have developed hyperlordosis. Which is bullshit since I wasn't overweight when I was first diagnosed.

I muddle through with the use of heating pads, ice packs, ibuprofen and the occasion hydrocodone. I try to stretch often and keep moving.

Lately I've been very active. Lots of shopping, building a garden and walking to classes. I've been in pretty bad painthe past three days which has me wondering what my long term options are with this condition. Does anyone have any similar expierence or advice?

I attached the pictures of my X-rays. The first (left) was taken 2009. The right was taken 2013.

Apr 06, 2017 2:23 PM

Hey Valdeen, welcome to the group! Hope you find all sorts of support and help here. Have you attended a pain specialist? Who may be able to design a plan for you incorporating pharmacological / non pharma options for long term pain mgmt. Sounds like you have, if you've had rhizotomy etc. Take care.x

Apr 06, 2017 2:25 PM

I did see one for about a year or two. I was having injections done every 4-6 months for pain management. Eventually he got frustrated with my weight gain and told me I needed to focus on becoming healthier and loosing weight before he would assist me further. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014 which causes weight gain. I just feel like I'm stuck at a dead end

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